Don Quixote Man of Clackmannanshire Review

Dundee Rep – until 15 October 2022

Reviewed by Jo Gordon 


A current day interpretation of the classic Don Quixote by Cervantes, We follow The story of Don, an ageing gent who has become weary of the world he sees through his TV screen so declares himself the lionhearted chevalier he feels is needed to readdress the balance of good and evil. 

He convinces his overly chatty great nephew to join him on the quest, together, on steeds in the form of a small child’s bike and mobility scooter with swords held aloft, they head off to right the wrongs. 

Hilarity ensues, as Don drags Sandy across town and into the hills to face who and what he believes is the downfall of modern times and in the end, face his biggest fear of what is happening back home. 

All six cast members bring their characters to life beautifully, showing their fragility just as much as the humour, giving  plenty to raise both a giggle and empathy from the audience. On top of which we are given the treat of live Spanish guitarists providing the soundtrack to Dons adventure, strumming some real classic tunes if you hone in your ear.

A superb update to the original along with being hilariously thought provoking!