That’s Entertainment Review

Grand Opera House York.  Reviewed by Michelle Richardson

That’s Entertainment celebrates musical favourites from the 1940s and 50s through song and dance. With tuxedo’s, sparkling dresses and feather fans it took you back that golden era.

We were introduced to a special guest star for the night, Becky O’Brien, a former Britain’s Got Talent contestant. Her rendition of Over the Rainbow seemed to be marred with either an instrument out of tune, or the music being slightly too loud, I’m not sure which, but her vocals were spot on. She has 3 sets over the duration of the show and certainly packs a punch with her vocals for one so small (she looks tiny). I believe a different special guest is performing at different venues.

From songs by “The Rat Pack”, Judy Garland to Knees Up Mother Brown, we were taken through a variety of song and dance, with many costume changes, including the Pearly Kings and Queens. The costumes and dancing are great throughout, and the standout for me is the tap dancing, very impressive.

I personally prefer a plot and story to be behind a show, but it still made for an enjoyable evening with the audience clapping and singing along.