Chip Shop the Musical Review

Reviewed by Michelle Richardson

Who knew that a musical could be held in a chippy? Well it certainly is now. The setting was Whackers fish and chip shop, York and is touring various Yorkshire fish and chip shops.

We were treated to a light supper of small fish and chips, with mushy peas and a cup of tea with no idea what to expect, or how the show was going to be performed, or in fact if it was ever going to work, how was it going to work?

With no pomp or ceremony a man appears, is he part of the show, or just a spectator? Looking drab and downtrodden the radio goes on and he starts singing. This is Gram (Darren Southworth) struggling to live up to his late father’s expectations, wanting to do things exactly the way they have always been done and wandering whether or not he needs an assistance. With a note in the window asking for help along come Ayla (Remmie Milner), a teenager unhappy at home wanting to be a grime vocalist.

They clash and their feelings are expressed through their different styles of vocals and use of props, salt and vinegar, plates and tablecloths. They are like chalk and cheese, will they come together and will there ever be fish and chips?

The show was on for less than an hour, which was just about right. Both actors fitted their roles and appeared very Yorkshire. This was a very physical play in such a small intimate space and you really felt part of the action. The only criticism is the amount of unnecessary swearing, which at some points is quite a lot and raised some eyebrows.

Overall a good show and worked well in the surprising location, and the added bonus of