Richard Durrant’s Music for Midsummer Review

Yvonne Arnaud – June 21st 2022

Reviewed by Heather Chalkley


This is a unique performance by a modern day minstrel, traveling from Orkney to Sussex on his trusty bicycle, loaded up with his instruments and everything he needs. This is positive action by Richard Durrant to emphasise that climate change is real and we must all look after our planet. He travels alone, with no back up vehicle and definitely no battery on his bike! With this scene set, Richard delivers a programme ranging from the signature tune from Watch with Mother to Bach!

Standing bare foot with his bike behind him, Richard provides a relaxed evening of beautiful music in the solstice sunshine, with songbirds sometimes singing along. Richard weaves his music with a warm and earthy dialogue, sharing moments from his journey, both musically and on the road. The opening piece is Bach’s 3rd Cello suite, played on a ukulele! Switching to guitar, he provides an insight into the influencers of his music, then his own compositions and closing with a Bach piece written for violin. The passion with which he plays is all encompassing. Music flows from his fingers with speed and dexterity. His skill as a composer and a player come together in a performance to enthral. Richard is able to create a picture of his composing process with words and then illustrate it in technicolour music.

Whatever your taste in music, it would be hard not to enjoy the warm embrace of a well-played tune. Richard Durrant confidently opens the door to classical music for all ears. Come and listen!