The original dreamboats are back!!





With very special guest MARK WYNTER       





Grand Opera House York

Friday 14 October 7:30pm


As if time stood still; four of the original dreamboats are back! Over 50 years since the original British rock n rollers hit the airwaves, Marty Wilde, Eden Kane, Mike Berry and Mark Wynter return for headline billing for The Solid Gold Rock N’Roll Show 2016.

A dreamboat was the heartthrob and pop idol of their day; times may have changed but that unwavering surge of admiration and obsession was born in this era, and remains as prevalent today in pop culture as it ever was.

From the producers of the favourite Solid Silver 60s Show, The Solid Gold Rock N Roll Show will propel you back to a golden era, featuring an iconic lineup with Marty Wilde, Eden Kane, Mike Berry and very special guest, Mark Wynter. Marty Wilde’s long-standing band The Wildcats will also perform on stage with the artists.

The reprisal of the Solid Gold Rock N Roll Show,  launched nearly two decades ago, and has seen a cannon of 50s veterans take to the stage Artists who have featured include John Leyton, The Vernon Girls, Bobby Vee, Chris Montez, Johnny Tillotson, Freddie Cannon, Johnny Preston, Little Eva, The Shirelles and many more.

Expect good old-fashioned rock n roll; this was the birth of pop music, a time where music liberated and changed popular culture forever! Even today, half a century on, the long reaching influence contains to play an ever-important role.

This music was a catalyst for social and cultural change; whether through the spirit of punk, the spirit of girl power, or through the mega phenomenon of today’s international pop juggernauts, the notion of what rock n roll presented and meant lives on to this very day.

In the late 50s, Marty Wilde was one of the leading British rock n roll singers, alongside Tommy Steele and Cliff Richard.  Hits included A Teenager In Love, Sea Of Love, Donna and Bad Boy. As a gifted songwriter he has also penned many hits for artists including Lulu, Status Quo, The Casuals, and his daughter, Kim Wilde.

Eden Kane, the older brother of musicians Peter Starstedt and Clive Sarstedt, had success in the early 1960s with I Don’t Know Why, Well I Ask You and Boys Cry, before moving to the United States, where he began an acting career. A breakout role in three Star Trek series (Voyager, Next Generation and New Enterprise) saw him cement his ongoing popularity.

Mike Berry is known just as well for his music as he is for his TV work. A long-time collaborator of producer Joe Meek, he enjoyed a string of hits in the 60s including Don’t You Think It’s Time, and The Sunshine Of Your Smile.  He also had hits with his group The Outlaws including A Tribute To Buddy Holly. His TV work included the iconic BBC series Are You Being Served. This year he was a contestant on BBC’s The Voice.

Mark Wynter enjoyed a lengthy career between 1960 and 1968 with hits including Venus In Blue Jeans, It’s Almost Tomorrow, Shy Girl, and Go Away Little Girl. He is also a celebrated actor.

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