Magic Goes Wrong Review

Southampton Mayflower – until 30 October 2021

Reviewed by Lucy Hitchcock


Mischief and Penn and Teller have come together to from the most hilariously dangerous magic you will ever see!!

We follow Mickey, played by Daniel Anthony, as he hosts a magic fundraiser to honour his late father-death by props! Together with his 6 acts, they will wow and entrance you whilst messing up and defying the odds!

This is a very family friendly show, with heaps of audience participation, especially when you meet Rory Fairborn as ‘Mind Mangler’, where he will have you in stitches whilst also performing some brilliant tricks that will really mangle your mind!! Bär und Spitzmaus, played by Chloe Tannenbaum and Jocelyn Prah were a perfect pairing. A German duo who performed quick changes and cannonball tricks that mostly worked to perfection with a few mistakes-but it still left the audience oohing and ahhing; The whole cast were brilliant. This is a technically demanding piece and it was almost more impressive that the tricks were going wrong and we still couldn’t work out how in some cases!!

A perfect family entertainer, be warned there was a little swearing in the show but it was few and far between. This is ideal for parents and kids, and a wonderfully entertaining spectacle.