Made In Dagenham Review

Adelphi Theatre, London – 13 February 2015

It defies logic as to why Made In Dagenham is closing.  This show is amazing, it has all the classic ingredients needed for a successful show – music, lyrics, story, incredible acting and singing so why?

Gemma Arterton is outstanding as Rita O’Grady who leads the fight for equal pay.  Sophie -Louise Dann shines as the indomitable Barbara Castle and Naomi Frederick excels as Lisa Hopkins.  Three fabulous women fighting to be acknowledged in a man’s world.

With equality one of the current buzz words bandied around in education, this show demonstrates just how far women have come, but how far we still have to go.  Made In Dagenham should be part of the national curriculum educating the children of tomorrow how the women of yesterday helped to shape their futures

It has humour a plenty with Mark Hadfield hamming it up in his guise of Prime Minister Harold Wilson and the brilliant Stephen Furst as American Tooley in his 10 gallon hat.

The whole cast are magnificent and its tragic that the show didn’t get its chance to educate more before receiving its closing notice.  Lets hope the west ends loss is the touring circuits gain and Made In Dagenham isn’t lost to the future for good