Ghost Stories Review

Arts Theatre, London – 14 February 2015

Its a strange phenomenon, paying good money to be scared silly.  As you sit in the auditorium waiting for the show to start the atmosphere begins to build.  The drip of water, the scary music, all psychologically designed to build the mood before the show begins.  And the conspiracy of fear grows, as we introduce ourselves to random strangers so that when we jump and scream and cry on their shoulder, we are slightly more intimate than crying on a completely random stranger.

From a technical aspect, the show is fascinating.  Relying on minimal lighting and the imagination of the audience to carry it through.  From a visual, sat in the audience, aspect the show is spine-chillingly frightening.  You are warned from the beginning that the show is not for a nervous disposition but the strongest and bravest would find it hard not to jump at the shocking twists and turns that this show puts you through.

The show is pure brilliance, well written, well acted and technically outstanding.  Its closing soon so if you want to see it, and you really should, get there soon