Jack and the Beanstalk Review

Liverpool Epstein Theatre – until 24 April 2022

Reviewed by Carla Whittaker


If you are looking for some family fun over the Easter holidays, then Christmas has come early with the arrival of panto in Liverpool!  Regal Entertainment Ltd.’s Jack and the Beanstalk is currently playing at the Epstein Theatre, Liverpool until Sunday 24th April 2022 and I was lucky enough to watch the show last night on Press Night. It provided a night of laughter and giggles for all the family.

This was my first visit to the Epstein Theatre and as you walk in it’s like stepping back in time; a small, old-fashioned theatre which entices the theatregoers to buy sweets and colourful swords from the kiosk. What struck me straight away was the staff who were very friendly and happy to help.

The theatre was full, with lots of excited children waiting for the curtain to rise. The show opened to explosions and smoke plumes as Mrs Fleshcreep (Catherine Cunningham) entered and instantly establishing herself as a panto villain with ‘Feee, fi, fo, fum, I smell the blood of Liverpool’s peasant scum!’.  Backhanded jibes, and local references frequented throughout the show much to the delight of the audience.

Jack and the Beanstalk (directed by Olivia Sloyan, written by Reece Sibbald) is a classic tail which tells the story of a dairy boy Jack (Timothy Lucas), his cow, a bag of beans and a very hungry giant. The beans grow into a beanstalk which leads to the giant living in the clouds and Jack embarking on a heroic quest to save his kingdom with the help of Fairy Mary to win the heart of Princess Jill (Maddie Hope Coelho). The chemistry on stage between Jack and Princess Jill is outstanding, including impressive vocals from them both.

The acts of Dame Dolly Trott (Mark Two) ‘Do’ya like my gear?’ and Simple Simon (the fabulous panto star Lewis Devine) were hilarious and definitely stole the show for me and my family with the pranks/laughter and not so clean jokes! There were buckets of classic and modern comedy which created a light-hearted ambience and atmosphere which only a panto can conjure.  My son was particularly fond of the scene when Dame Dolly looked like she was sat on Donald Trumps shoulders and the scouse charisma / inuendo’s made by Jack. The atmosphere was uplifting, and the audience were hysterical laughing on more than one occasion! 

Regal Entertainment Ltd did a fantastic of the set designs, polytechnics, and no expense spared colourful, vibrant costumes which certainly stood out. Dame Dolly Trott’s costumes were superb (and rumour has it they are made by Mark Two and his wife!). The senior dancers filled the stage brilliantly executing Nazene Langfields choreography flawlessly. 

If you want  2+ hours of family fun and laughter, Jack and the Beanstalk is running until the 24the April 2022 at the Epstein Theatre Liverpool, and if you haven’t got tickets yet, I recommend you do! Thanks Regal Entertainment Ltd /Epstein Theatre for a lovely fun filled night!