Drag Queens vs Zombies Review

King’s Head Theatre Pub, London – until 16th April 2022

Reviewed by Celia Armand Smith


Drag Queen vs Zombies from the Haus of Dench is a tale as old as time. Two feuding drag queens are trying to save their somewhat flagging careers with a night of huge performances from a blackmailed Elton John who was absolutely definitely probably there amongst other assorted stellar names. The only problem is that a zombie apocalypse has begun and is about to possibly wipe out the whole of the world but more importantly ruin the night. Don’t worry though, Elton gets to perform his Lion King fireworks spectacular before meeting a somewhat grizzly end.

This comedy horror play written by Matthew Stallworthy and Eleanor Mason puts the fate of the audience and the performers in the hands of warring drag queens Kate Butch (vegan) and Crudi Dench (not vegan). The audience is both participant and witness, with a clever use of lighting and sound, and a very very simple yet effective set. As the zombies begin to invade the theatre, both in the auditorium and backstage, we see limbs, ketchup packets, and babydolls with backwards heads deployed to show the coming disaster. Don’t worry, there’s always an antidote and luckily, thanks to a school science lesson conveniently remembered at exactly the right moment, we are all saved by meat free alternative snack. Or are we.

The performances by Kate Butch and Crudi Dench were hilarious and at times heartwarming. Audience participation quite often makes me want to curl up in a ball, but I felt completely at ease with them. As I understand it, Kate Butch makes all her own costumes, so there needs to be a special mention for the sequin jumpsuit she was wearing which was spectacular.

Drag Queens vs Zombies has a bit of everything; comedy, drama, drag queens, zombies, an eyeball attached to a stiletto heel. This mad mix of cabaret and B-movie special effects made for a thoroughly enjoyable hour in the theatre and I can’t wait to see what Haus of Dench do next.