Coppelia Review

Hull New Theatre – 17th January 2023

Reviewed by Dawn Bennett


Varna International Ballet (presented by Raymond Gubbay) are bringing four ballets to Hull New Theatre. Coppelia (17/01/23) Giselle (18/01/23) Swan Lake 19-20/01/02 and The Nutcracker (21/01/23).

Coppelia tells the story of Dr Coppelius (Federico Farina) the Toy taker who likes to dabble in magic, he makes a Coppelia Doll (Andrea Conforti) that he wants to pass off as his daughter as she’s so realistic.

Franz (Marrcello Pelizzoni) notices Coppelia in the window at Dr Coppelius house and he waves at her so Dr Coppelius makes her move and wave and throw a flower to Franz. His girlfriend Swanilda (Anastasia Leedy) is very upset at him seeming to flirt with a beautiful girl and is upset. Later, a group of friends and the couple hear a noise from Dr Coppelius’s house and the toymaker tries to get Franz into his house which he refuses to do.

Swanilda and her friends find a key, that Dr Coppelius has dropped and go into his house and see that Coppelia is a doll and all the rest of the wonderful inventions that the Toymaker has made. Franz then climbs through the window and Swanilda decides to dress up as Coppelia to trick Franz and teach him a lesson. When the toymaker returns, he is amazed how lifelike his doll has become and tries to get Franz to leave. His soon realises that Swanilda is not his doll and gets angry, so the couple quickly leave.

The final act of the ballet sees the couple get married and the audience were treated to a number of solos, duets, group dances and Pas des Deux by the company.

The Varna International Ballet Orchestra, with Peter Tuleshkov as their conductor, were particularly good and the dancers provided the appreciative audience with a very good evening of ballet.

As the Company are doing four different ballets in Hull there should be ballets for all tastes. An enjoyable night watching some talented dancers.