20 Questions with ….. Tim Prottey Jones

Singer, composer, west end performer and bona fide Superstar Tim Prottey Jones agreed to answer 20 questions….
Lets start with some favourites
1. Favourite show (whether you have been in it or not)?
Les Miserables
2. Favourite book?
“First last kiss” by Ali Harris
3. Favourite theatre?
Bord Gais Energy Theatre, Dublin
4. Favourite song?
Bohemian Rhapsody
5. Favourite music?
6. Favourite food?
Roast Chicken Dinner
7. Favourite line from any show?
“Finish him” – from the as yet unwritten, Karate Kid the musical…
8. What is your favourite role?
My current role of Billy in the West End production of ‘Once’ is a great match for me. I love the humour, I love the music and it’s given me such a love of acting. The book is so strong and it allows me to constantly find new ways of delivering the lines which really suits my short attention span.
9. What role would you really love to play?
This is an easy one for me…Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. It’s a role and show that grabbed me from a very early age and has never let me go. Each year I hope that I’m what they are looking for!
10. What was your first role?
My first professional role was covering Tim Minchin’s role of Judas in the 2012 arena tour of Jesus Christ Superstar. My first role when I was young was, non too surprisingly, Fat Sam in Bugsy Malone!
11. Which do you prefer writing or performing?
I think I have to continue to do both. I genuinely love both. Deep down, I love a quiet life and so the writing world really interests me. Writing a song, recording a song and having other people perform my work is such an incredible buzz but of course so is performing…just in a different way. I do think I need both of those fixes though.
12. After the success of “After The Turn” will you write any more musicals?
Yes indeed. Since ‘After the Turn’ I have reunited with Tori Allen Martin and have written a new musical called ‘Equally’. The show had a brief run at the Cockpit Theatre in 2014 but we are currently in the re-writing and refining stages to bring the new and improved show back. As well as that project, I am writing for some musical film projects and turning a best selling novel into a musical.
13. Are you glad you did “Search for a Superstar”?
I really am. Whereas the live shows were potentially a little more than I could cope with, the entire process was very rewarding and eye opening. It was that programme that allowed me to stop working a 9-5 job whilst giving me the confidence to pursue musical theatre. I went for the TV show purely because of my love for Jesus Christ Superstar and the role of Jesus. I am massively grateful that I was able to be a part of the arena tour that followed the television show.
14. Do you still keep in touch with any of the other ‘Superstars’?
Yes indeed, I have a lot of contact with many of the guys from the top 40! I’ve worked with Ben, Jeff, Rory, Dave from the top 10 since the show too which has been great. Definitely made some friends for life during that experience.
15. If you weren’t an amazing singer, what would you be?
Haha, even if that were true, I would never believe it. I am always working to get better though, but there are so many people that I look up to who do what I do in a different and better way. But, if you’re asking what I’d do if I didn’t perform, I have always been keen to be a policeman, or rather strangely, a sniper!
16. What advice would you give 16 year old Tim?
Wow, where to start?! I would probably just forewarn him about the perils of the internet, the bravery of trolls that not everybody’s opinion is worth knowing and don’t let anyone tell you no…particularly yourself.
17. What was the last stage show you saw and really enjoyed?
I’ve seen a couple of great shows recently and am massively aware that I need to see a lot more…particularly plays. I have most recently loved both Miss Saigon and La Soiree. Both very different but equally as impressive.
18. Would you like to act in a play and not sing?
Actually yes. This is a bit of a revelation to me actually as it has been ‘Once’ that has really opened my eyes to what a brilliant book can do. Be it a play, television or film, I’d be really keen to do more.
19. If you could be anyone else for the day, who would it be?
It would have been Freddie Mercury, but now…Beyonce…
20. Can you tell us what you are up to next?
I will be releasing my 3rd album this year, full of guest vocalists and new music. I have a number of other writing projects being completed and will be auditioning for future shows and performing work as well as performing with my bands ‘Straight on Red’, ‘Harper J’ and ‘I Live on Thorns’
I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Tim for helping me with this