Woman ‘singing badly’ removed from The Bodyguard musical

A woman who sang “loudly and badly” through a performance of The Bodyguard was ejected from a theatre after she became aggressive to people who told her to shut up.

The woman continued singing for about 20 minutes despite other audience members shouting at her to leave.

It was the final performance in Nottingham of the hit musical.

Some audience members said police were called, but Nottinghamshire Police said they could not find any record of it.

Sacha Gainard, from Wymeswold in Leicestershire, said the atmosphere at the Royal Concert Hall “felt more like a football match” than a trip to the theatre.

“We were a few rows in front of the woman, who it sounds like was being told off for singing along loudly and badly,” he said.

“She was swearing and being quite aggressive to those who were trying to shush her.

“It rumbled on, and after every song, it seemed to bubble back up to enough of a level most of us on the second tier could hear her.”

Mr Gainard said theatre staff removed her “after a good 20 minutes of her carrying on”.

He had bought tickets for his parents as a Christmas present and they had driven up from Somerset for the show.

“It did ruin the first half for those of us on that tier, and not really the kind of atmosphere you expect at the theatre,” Mr Gainard said.

Alexandra Burke is starring in the musical as Rachel Marron, the character made famous by Whitney Houston in the film of the same name.

Mr Gainard said there was “no way” the cast could have missed the audience shouting at the woman.

“How they kept singing, and so beautifully, I don’t know,” he said.