Vampires Rock Ghost Train Review

Grand Opera House York – Wednesday 26 January 2020

Reviewed by Michelle Richardson


Steve Steinman, with the phenomenon that is Vampires Rock Ghost Train, once again hit the Grand Opera House York on Wednesday night. Steinman is the writer, producer, director and plays the lead and promises a night of sensational classic rock. He has been touring with this show for years, always with a few changes, playing to over a million people and has such a loyal following. This is the third time I have seen this show, and would it live up to expectations?

Baron von Rockula (Steinman), wants new blood to replace his Queen (Emily Clark) after 300 years. He orders his poor downtrodden servant Bosley (John Evans), to find him a new bride. Innocent Roxy Honeybox (Claire Micallef) is the victim, seduced by the Baron and his sexy vampires (Trixabelle Bold and Victoria Hawley). This doesn’t go down too well with his current Vampire Queen. The Baron also has to contend with the masked Van Halensing, who is on a mission to kill him once and for all.

The Lost Boys, the band, were excellent as always, they are seriously good. Playing over split levels, they are on stage the whole show. It is always good to see local boy, Henry Bird, getting the attention and praise he deserves from the audience. This time he was joined by another local Damien Sweeting, along with Zoe Parr, Pete Dean and Andy Preston. All the musicians are simply outstanding, playing with such passion and in character throughout the whole show. They played some of the greatest, classic rock anthems from the 80’s, including tracks from Foreigner, Queen, Europe, Bonnie Tyler, and of course Meatloaf. Meatloaf is where it all started with Steinman, after an appearance on Stars in Their Eyes.

Dancers and vocalists, Bold and Hawley are very lithe and ooze sex appeal in their skimpy leather outfits, and the amount of costume changes they manage is quite a feat. I found Bold and her glorious fire red hair, quite compelling to watch. I have seen her in this production before, and she has really blossomed into the role and made it her own. Clark and Micallef delivered powerful vocals, matching Steinman abilities.

The show wouldn’t be complete without Evans strutting his stuff in zebra print leggings with blue pvc pants on top, whilst rocking The Final Countdown. From then all of us were up on our feet, singing and dancing along to all the great music that was still being played.

As always Steinman interacts with the audience, delivering his script, such as it is, with up to date gags thrown in. With topics including Prince Andrew and Philip Schofield you couldn’t help but laugh. Steinman is such a people person, it’s no wonder he attracts such a loyal following. This company must be the most hard working, with the amount of touring they do with different shows.

This show is like no other. It is a bit of a pantomime, a bit of a story line, but a whole lot of rock, a musical extravaganza. I’d describe it as a vampire pantomime rock concert. It is still bonkers, still cheesy, but it is such fun with such huge energy. I defy anyone to go to see this and not come out feeling 110% afterwards. A truly fabulous night out. This is one show that I could watch again and again with relish, and I look forward to my next trip on the Ghost Train, whenever that may be.