The Lowry, Salford – 17 February 2020

Reviewed by Angelos Spantideas


Daniel Hay-Gordon and Eleanor Perry are Thick and Tight, a dancer/performer duo from London who use physical theatre to pay homage to the work and life or criticise the opinions of historical figures, such as Barbara Cartland, Derek Jarman and Marcel Proust. The cast is completed with Vidya Patel, Harry Alexander, and Gary Clarke exemplifying the features and blemishes of Winston Churchill, Andy Warhol, and Queen Elisabeth I.

The night is filled with political messages laid on parody and satire and expressed through dancing, miming and lip syncing by a series of performers who fill the stage with energy and pure talent. The cast does not shy away from calling out misogyny, racism, games of power and power abuse, while there is also a big appreciation to the purity of love and being in love as expressed in poetry and art.

Each section of the show feels original and full of character, with the personality of each performer filling the room. Each part is a bold and relevant piece of contemporary art, with the well thought design of the set and costumes, and the crafty lighting creating a game of shapes and shades that does not go unnoticed