The Rocky Horror Show Review

Belgrade Theatre, Coventry – until Saturday 8th October 2022

Reviewed by Amarjeet Singh


The Rocky Horror Show is unlike anything you have ever experienced. For a novice like me, it was akin to walking into a magical mystery land. There were seasoned fans wearing colourful basques, stockings, high heels, suspenders, and spectacular wigs, and newbies like me looking around in wonder and anticipation as to what was about to unfurl.

This comedic musical horror tells the story of a young, innocent, and newly engaged couple, Janet (Haley Flaherty) and Brad (Richard Meek) who have a life changing encounter with some creatures of the night. When their car breaks down, they decide to go for help and stumble on a castle in the middle of nowhere. The castle just happens to belong to alien transvestite scientist Frank ‘N’ Furter from the planet ‘Transexual’. This meeting sets off an unforgettable evening of sex and murder, and the play takes on a bizarre turn when Brad and Janet realise too late that they are out of their depth and are easy game for the castle’s creatures.

Richard O’Brien’s, The Rocky Horror Show is simply spectacular. Rumbunctious, bawdy, thrilling…It’s hard not to gush when describing this brilliant production which is directed by Christopher Luscombe.

Audience participation is off the charts. Again, for those unfamiliar with this show, in terms of audience etiquette, throw the rule book out of the window. People will heckle, dance, sing, and wave lights but it all adds to the entertainment and enjoyment of the show. There is a deep respect and appreciation for all players and viewers alike. Everyone is in on it. For this reason, the Narrator, who is our guide into the murky realms of the goings on in the castle, has a key role to play. Tonight’s narrator was Stefano Guerriero, he did an amazing job. He was sharp and snappy and his narration flowed as well as his glossy locks. He completely held his own against a quick-witted audience.

Stephen Webb and Kristian Lavercombe were incredible as Frank ‘N’ Furter and Riff Raff, respectively. They relished their roles, both magnificently manipulative and masterful and wildly funny! In fact, the cast as a whole are phenomenal and deserve to be credited for their faultless performance. The vocals and dance numbers are spot on throughout.

The Rocky Horror Show defies convention. Lavishing in lust, sex and weirdness yet we must not forget that this show is revolutionary. If your idea of a great night out is throwing caution to the wind and singing and dancing with your fellow audience members, then this is the show for you! Seeing the Time Warp performed by the entire theatre is a sight to behold! Be bold and see the Rocky Horror Show. Don’t dream it, be it.