The Nutcracker Review

Southampton Mayflower – until 2 April 2022

Reviewed by Lucy Hitchcock


Credit: Johan Persson/

Matthew Bourne reimagines the Christmas classic The Nutcracker to a modern style as it hits Southampton’s Mayflower.

Staying close the the well loved version, Matthew Bourne has re-imagined some aspects of the Nutcracker to bring us a perfectly sweet version. We follow Cordelia Braithwaite as Clara as she navigates to Sweetieland and eventually finds her true love. Braithwaite was breath taking, with elegance and poise she glided across the stage with ease, entrancing the audience. Together with the rest of the stand out company, this is a real treat for the eyes. From the darkness of the orphanage Clara grows up in, to the glittery skating rinks of the ice palace and through to Sweetieland, you will never once feel your eyes wonder from Anthony Wards delicious sets and superb costumes. With the wondrous score from Tchaikovsky, you will be transported to the magical worlds and won’t want to leave!

This piece is a perfect introduction for children into the world of ballet, with it’s easy to follow plot, comedic characters, beautiful costumes and fabulous choreography, but is also a real treat for the more seasoned ballet lover. Bourne has created a wonderful world for you to visit and you won’t regret it when you do!