The Mousetrap Review

The Mousetrap (Tour – Darlington)

Rating: 5 out of 5


13 June 2013

Celebrating 60 years, Agatha Christie’s most iconic whodunit, The Mousetrap reaches Darlington. And it was so worth the wait.

Originally titled Three Blind Mice, and written in 1952, The Mousetrap is as fresh today as when it was written. Full of Christie’s trademarks with red herrings aplenty and intelligent well rounded characters, you are drawn in from the beginning. And with your little grey cells all working overtime to wonder why someone said this, someone else said that and why that reaction?

In order not to give anything away, there is little I can tell you about the show. It begins with a murder in London and ends in Monkswell Manor Guest House.

The fine cast of actors have made the classic characters their own on this very long tour and the dedication to their craft shows in excellent acting. Elizabeth Power shines as miserable Mrs Boyle and Steven France is a very effervescent Christopher Wren.

Bruno Langley and Jemma Walker play Giles and Mollie Ralston novice owners of the guest house. Graham Seed as Major Metcalf and Claire Wilkie as Miss Casewell bring an air of suspicion and Karl Howman is the rather comical Mr Paravicini. Outstandingly, Bob Saul is Detective Sergeant Trotter.

I would advise you go once to see a fantastic show but if I’m honest I would advise you go twice – the first time to let your mind work over time as you constantly try to work out whodunit and why, and the 2nd time to just to enjoy the pure excellence of the show.