The Lion Inside Review

Rose Theatre Kingston – until Sunday 14th April 2024

Reviewed by Carly Burlinge and Daughter Sarah-Jane aged 11


The Rose Theatre presents The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright and Jim Field, a popular story known to many, brought to life and what a fantastic performance it was.

It tells the story of a quiet, meek mouse who longs to be seen but, because of his size, he never gets a look in  – forever is along time to feel incredibly tiny and when he wants to be noticed, no one seems to see him at all, making him feel incredibly small. Being little really isn’t easy at all. Whilst alone by himself a thought pops into his head – I may be small but I just need a rather large roar. That will get him noticed for sure, no longer will he be lonely but will have many friends to join him and feel happy. So he decides to go on a journey to find the head of the pack, the mighty king cat, he’s tough and strong and has a roar that goes beyond. But when the fear sets in, will he teach me to roar, or eat me for his supper so that I’m nothing at all?!

But he soon finds the strength to approach the king, only to see him whimpering – the lion is shaking as he’s scared of  mouse! Making the mouse not feel small at all, forming a friendship that will last above all. With both of them learning that, no matter your size, we all have a mouse and a lion inside.

The whole performance was magical from start to finish with the use of puppets. The opening scene of a cricket – tick tick tick – listen, can you hear the sound of the wilderness  there’s music everywhere, going into a fabulous song with the simplicity of props such as zebra legs, beaks and horns controlled by the cast, which caught the children’s attention as well as the adults, immediately so effective, creative and magical.

James Keningale – Mouse, showed some amazing puppetry even down to Mouses little hands and little feet and what great ears mouse had! to then go onto a bigger puppet and then become mouse himself in different stages of the story this kept his character alive keeping everyone entertained.

Caitlin Mallory – Lion, she gave such an outstanding performance, with much attitude and rhythm, was so much fun, let’s rock its Lion O’clock getting the whole audience to join in – Well cubs can you do a roar with your claws? It was lovely to see the whole audience take part and even more magical to see so many little smiles as well as big ones.

Clarke Joseph-Edwards – Storyteller, kept the whole show running smoothly whilst taking us through the story he was energetic and fun and a delight to watch.

Between the three you could see that they had a great connection on stage for all to see.
The stage was done amazingly well with the lions rock turning into the mouses house and with all the animal props setting the scene so simple but effective. Great songs to keep all entertained and the use of animals noises that added great impact to the show.

What an enjoyable show that had everyone smiling from start to finish. Definitely a must see.