The Grass is Greener Review

Windsor Theatre Royal – until 18 March 2023

Reviewed by Joanna Huggett


It was a delight to watch the opening night of “The Grass is Greener” written by Hugh & Margaret Williams, a romantic comedy about the aristocratic owners of a country manor house, Victor, played by Tom Conti, and Hilary, played by Janie Dee, reduced to growing mushrooms and opening their corridors to the public in order to pay the bills.

Their marriage is tested by the attentions of an American millionaire, Charles played by Tristan Gemmill, who finds his way into their private quarters to offer Hilary an alternative to her role as the country manor housewife.

But how should Victor rescue his marriage? Ably supported by his butler, Sellars, played by Malcolm James and Hattie, Victor’s ex girlfriend played by Elizabeth Payne, he devises a plan full of cunning and wit to rescue their otherwise successful marriage without the need for arguments and recriminations so unsuitable for their aristocratic standing.

Hilarious from the start, Tom Conti delivers a torrent of rip-roaring one-liners, as only he could playing the drunken aristocrat, who despite his apparent demeanour was always totally in control. And so too the cast, so perfectly ‘typecast’ as charming, lovely and such funny characters prone to the occasional alcoholic beverage if it was offered.

You will laugh and you will leave with a big smile on your face, go see it.