The Girl on the Train Review

Duke of York’s Theatre – until 17 August 2019

Reviewed by Alexandra Sykes


Based on the book and the film of the same name, The Girl on the Train captivates audiences and keeps them gripped from start to finish.

Rachel Watson (Samantha Womack) is a divorced alcoholic who has problems remembering things that have happened whilst she has been drinking. When a woman (Kirsty Oswald) from her old neighbourhood goes missing, Rachel sets out to find out what actually happened. Whilst trying to solve the case, Rachel also discovers that her ex-husband is not the man she thought he was and realises his new wife (Lowenna Melrose) and baby daughter are in danger.

Although the story line is a bit hard to follow at times, the story is engrossing and it is easy to feel sorry for Rachel at times, especially where her ex-husband (Adam Jackson-Smith) is involved. The sets are impressive and the costumes are basic but appropriate for each character. Although there is a lot of swearing in the show it doesn’t spoil it but rather enhances it as it gives you an in-site into the characters lives. The train journeys Rachel takes are depicted by train windows being projected onto the stage and when her character remembers something that may help her or the murder investigation she looks into a spot light which is powerful and shows she is taking back control.

The show is excellent but at times makes you think, so this is not a show if you want to escape the real world – but a brilliant show if you love mysteries and trying to solve them