The Cher Show Review

Southampton Mayflower – until 7th January 2023

Reviewed by Lucy Hitchcock


The closest you will get to Cher has burst its way to Southampton.

From the creative prowess of Arlene Phillips, Oti Mabuse and Gabriella Slade mixed with the sterling performances of Debbie Kurup, Danielle Steers and Millie O’Connell comes the best performance and great way to start the year!

As told through the eyes of Star, Lady and Babe (Debbie Kurup, Danielle Steers and Millie O’Connell), 3 eras of Cher who are narrating the audience through her life story and entertaining us as well. These 3 actresses are incredible, with Cher’s mannerisms and voice down to a T, this is not an easy part to undertake. Together with Lucas Rush as ‘Sonny’, this foursome create an exciting and exhilarating atmosphere. The whole of this cast is on fire for every moment of the show, with the ensemble carrying out perfect dance routines and backup singing.

The stand out of this show however, is Gabriella Slade and Sophie Wilson’s incredible costuming, as well as Natascha Shnieden’s superb wigs. I could not count how many costume changes there were, but it was so impressive how intricate and detailed they were-which played perfectly to the audience. There was not an inch of the stage that didn’t glisten with sequins or rhinestones – much like Cher’s performances!!

This is an exquisite show and truly is a masterpiece. If you want an evening of excitement, hilarity and joy this is certainly for you.