Be seated for some of the funniest stand-up comedians in the UK today at City Varieties Music Hall.

Friday 1 March 2019


Cluster-bombed with yoghurt on Taskmaster, half-killed on Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island, Watson returns to what he’s best at: being indoors.

Inspired by the mostly alarming state of the world his children are growing up in and a genuine urgent desire to do something about it, this show is about empathy. As scrawny and impassioned as ever, one of the UK’s most beloved and thinnest acts offers some suggestions with his usual notoriously high joke- and rant-per-minute rate. Age Guidance 14+.

Wednesday 6 March 2019

ARDAL O’HANLON; The showing off must go on

Ardal O’Hanlon (Death in Paradise, Father Ted, My Hero) continues to tour his acclaimed stand-up shows worldwide. Because he loves it. And it’s a compulsion. And the world is a funny place.

In an age of raging populism, MeToo, identity politics, the end of truth, the collapsing middle ground, peak avocado and £15 gin and tonics, terrified of being on the wrong side of history, and desperate to prove that his gender, race, age and class don’t necessarily define him, Ardal is forced to saddle his high horse again and ride fearlessly into the culture wars (with a white hankie in his pocket just in case), comedy as ever being the best emergency response mechanism to extreme events there is. Age guidance 16+.

Saturday 6 April 2019


In June 2018 musical comedian Micky P Kerr was rocketed to stardom when he won the hearts of the nation and wowed both Simon Cowell and Andy Murray’s mum with his performances on Britain’s Got Talent.  Time has passed, and he’s now been brought safely back down to earth and back into his comfort zone as a Z-List Celebrity.

In this, his debut solo tour, the now semi-famous Micky invites you to join him for an evening of music, social commentary and, above all, lots of laughs.

Tuesday 9 April 2019

SEAN WALSH After this one I’m going home

Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee and the self-dubbed ‘Lie-In King’, Seann Walsh is ‘unquestionably the best observational comic of his generation’ THE GUARDIAN. 

Returning from his run in America, where he made his USA television debut appearance on ConanSeann Walsh is back on tour in the UK. This dishevelled, fiery, animated, fiercely idle, millennial man-child is one of best live comedians to have come out of the UK.