Spamalot “Experience”

Empire Theatre, Sunderland – 23 May 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed Spamalot, a fabulous feel good show, but I also ended up being part of it.  I was sat at the end of the row and became the lucky person who “found” the Holy Grail under my seat.

Dragged up on stage, the lights really are bright and its impossible to see the audience.  I was presented with a crown, a tin of Spam and a photo to remind me of my exploits.  And it was my birthday so a double celebration.

The show itself is hilarious.  Joe Pasquale as King Arthur is a born entertainer, breaking the fourth wall and corpsing all over, seeming like he is having genuine fun in the role. He is assisted by his trusty peasant Patsy played by real life son, Joe Tracini. Pasquale is utterly loveable in the role, playing it with all the tongue in cheek humour it requires. But Tracini has a very clear singing voice and great comedic timing ensuring he gets as many laughs as his dad.

Richard Kent was worth the trip for his camp-as-a jamboree Prince Herbert, complete with a stunning falsetto voice as part of an incredible range. Richard Meek was hilarious as the only-slightly-more-butch Sir Dennis Galahad and the Black Knight, who came to a sticky, limbless end. Jamie Tyler, similarly, displays great versatility and skill as the In, then Out of, the Closet Sir Lancelot (his disco scene is eye-wateringly funny), the superior French taunter (marvellous), the feral Tim the Enchanter and the quite wonderful Knight of the Ni.

Will Hawksworth, as cowardly Sir Robin and Josh Wilmot as a great Sir Bedevere and an even better Mrs Galahad, with typical, Python-esque, squeaky tones, all deserved their places at the Round Table of song-and-dance excellence.

As the dazzling, delicious diva The Lady Of The Lake, Sarah Earnshaw is quite amazing. She has one of those gutsy soprano belts which is versatile and perfect in every way, for the vocal demands in this part. Come With Me, The Song That Goes Like This, Find Your Grail and The Diva’s Lament are all sensational to watch and listen to with Earnshaw’s Lady in full vocal throttle. With perfect comedy timing she is a truly terrific turn.

While Spamalot is most memorable for the comedy its songs are equally strong. The anthem Always Look on the Bright Side of Life sung by the entire cast at the end is bound to leave you with the feel-good factor.

And to be part of this fabulous show was a fantastic experience for me – I shall wear my crown with pride

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