Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Review

Richmond Theatre – until 5 January 2020

Reviewed by Carly Burlinge


Snow White (Mia Starbuck) is madly in love with her handsome Prince Harry of Hampton (James Darch). Whilst Muddles (Jon Clegg) also shines a torch for the beautiful Princess, will he ever gain the courage to tell her how he feels or will he enlist the help from his mother Nurse Nancy (Jason Sutton). Can the seven friendly magnificent dwarfs (Luke Higgins, Jabari Braham, Conleth Kane, Callum Bell, Mark Laverty, Connor Marron and Robert Wilkes) protect Snow White from all evil and keep her safe?

Meanwhile Queen Lucretia (Jo Brand) is not impressed that she no longer holds the number 1 spot for the fairest of the land. Will she triumph to  banish Snow White or will true love conquer it all.

This magical production has lots to offer and has been brought to life with amazing comedy throughout with plenty of audience participation including lots to shout about with the very humorous Jo Brand as Queen Lucretia (“I’m the fairest in the land” “Oh no your not”, “Oh Yes I am“). Not to mention her amazing costumes with feathers and jewels and spectacular head pieces.

Jon Clegg who plays Muddles and Jason Sutton as Nurse Nancy offer  brilliant humour  with great jokes plenty of gags and had the audience almost immediately interacting and laughing out loud along with their bright fabulous and shiny costumes.

Mia Starbuck who plays Snow White and James Darch as Prince Harry of Hampton offered some great acting with some very catchy songs which had the audience dancing in their chairs and wanting to join in. Then there were the brilliant seven dwarfs played by Luke Higgins, Jabari Braham, Conleth Kane, Callum Bell, Mark Laverty, Connor Marron and Robert Wilkes who were full of enthusiasm , cracking great jokes full of smiles and keeping the audience amused throughout.

This was truly a splendid production packed with fabulous acting and costumes, fantastic scenery an amazing magic mirror and much more. Brilliant for children with lots of adult humour thrown in making this a perfect watch for all. I was entertained throughout and would highly recommend this show to anyone who fancies a great night at the theatre with a lot of laughs thrown in.