Kings Theatre, Glasgow – until Saturday 6 October 2018

Reviewed by Linda McLaughlan


‘A favourite children’s Dreamworks Production ‘

The theatre was packed with excited children anxiously waiting for the show to begin. The show began with the introduction of a young Shrek being made homeless by his parents at the tender age of 7. But that’s okay because this is the age that Ogre’s become independent and set out into the wide world themselves.

So we get to meet Shrek (played by Steffan Harri) again as he grows up in his Swamp as we have all seen in the motion film.

Also introduced in the beginning was Princess Fiona (Played by Amelia Lily) locked away in her high tower which is guarded by a fire breathing Dragon (Voiced over by understudy Jennifer Tierney)

The story line follows the motion film quite closely however the introduction of the all the fairy creatures to the swamp introduced us to the talents of Pinocchio (played by Joseph Dockree) a character I have a soft spot for from my own childhood.  As the production continues we get to meet Donkey (played by Marcus Ayton) who comes across as a sassy character with attitude and he soon has the audience in stitches of laughter with his antics.

The next big character is Lord Farquaad (played by Samuel Holmes). Now he is the only criticism I have of the whole evening that despite a very convincing performance I felt that some of the scenes were a little too risqué for the young audience present. A feeling I think a couple of parents may have agreed with from the people’s faces around me at different parts of the production.

The production as a whole was well presented and very enjoyable for all the ages present as we would expect from a Dreamworks Movie. I would go see this again and would recommend it to everyone to see