Showstopper! The Improvised Musical Review

Cambridge Arts Theatre, Cambridge – until Saturday 2nd July 2022

Reviewed by Steph Lott


On an empty stage, a big red telephone is ringing. A writer of musicals answers it and is told that he has to write a brand new musical in 2 hours! He agrees but says that he needs the audience to help him do it – so the audience has to shout out suggestions of a setting, style of music and the title of the show. And then they’re off!

This is improv at its very best. It’s a glorious mix of some very skilled performers romping through a show that’s being created as they go. Every night is a premier. Our show was called “Death in Bali”, was set in a yoga retreat and featured “The Parrots of Prophesy”! If you love West End musicals you’ll enjoy this show because there are nods to some that will be very familiar to you, such as Les Mis, Phantom, Hamilton and so on.

Unfortunately I can’t give credit to any particular performer as there was no cast list, but they are all so impressive, I could mention every one of them. They all have a wild variety of acting, singing and dancing skills, whilst the musicians respond to the action on stage, as the actors adapt their movements and lyrics; all in near perfect tempo. They also enjoy dropping each other in it from time to time!

I would thoroughly recommend this show and the audience, both young and old, were in stitches most of the time. Who knows what will be created on the night you go…