Shakespeare and storytelling combine in this story of loss at Leicester Square Theatre

May 16th – May 21st 2016

Leicester Square Theatre

“When sorrows come, they come not single spies. But in battalions.”

Critically acclaimed Cambridge University Footlights and

Royal Central alumna Lowri Amies bears all in her new play Words, Words, Words, to be performed at the King’s Head

Theatre and the Leicester Square Theatre this Spring. An exploration of the grieving process, Lowri interweaves

Shakespeare with personal stories to shed light on a subject which goes largely unacknowledged and unsupported, especially amongst young people – the death of a parent.

 “an amazing talent (…) cleverly incorporates quotes from the Bard’s plays yet still makes sense to those who are not so familiar with them” Vivienne Lafferty

When Lowri lost her mother, she lost her voice. The vocabulary of her childhood disintegrated, the old words failed to fit the new story. Denial, shock…acceptance? Can she rewrite a version of herself which can speak these new words? Words, Words, Words is one girl’s attempt to confront grief in her own voice amidst a sea of others. As an actor, she can borrow Shakespeare’s words to play many parts – Juliet, Rosalind, Macbeth, Hamlet – but can she

play herself?

“Superb new play by Lowri Amies – raw, honest and emotional. Highly

recommended.” @L_Anstey

“Enjoyed your brave and personal Words, Words, Words last night.” @H_Rietveld

“Very much enjoyed Words, Words, Words; poignant & witty in a very modern while

traditionally theatrical sense.” @greanep

The show premièred as part of the Black Box Festival at the Etcetera Theatre in January, and his since played dates at the Miller Theatre and King’s Head Theatre. Given the universality of its message and subject matter, it was not only extremely well received by the artistic community, but also generated interest from the healthcare profession.