Saucy Jack And The Space Vixens Review

King’s Head Theatre 29 April – 21 May.  Reviewed by Claire Roderick

Islington transforms into Frottage III for this cult classic, and the atmosphere in the tiny theatre is perfect for this show. Saucy Jack’s sleazy bar is staffed with colourful characters dreaming of a better life, but the shadow of the Slingback Killer looms large, picking off cabaret acts one by one. Sounds like a job for the Space Vixens – their mission is to fight crime and liberate the universe through the power of disco.

Over the top acting, pouncing on audience members, innuendo-laden script, fabulous costumes and a thumping disco beat – a perfect night out.

Every song is wonderful – Fetish Number From Nowhere and Park My Bike are hysterical, and the barnstorming Glitter Boots saved My Life and All I Need Is Disco just make you glad to be alive.

The whole cast are fantastic, with great voices – the antics of the frankly insane Tom Whalley as Dr Willy von Whackoff will have you howling with laughter, and from the moment they appear in a blaze of light, the Vixens, Jubilee Climax (Jessie Birkett), Anna Labia (Lorna Hall) and Bunny Lingus (Zoe Nicholls) own the stage in their glitter boots whilst toting hairdryer guns. Ashton Charge is a very sweet Sammy Sax, and Kristopher Bosch’s Mitch Maypole is like the Duracell bunny dancing around the stage. Hugh Stubbins’ Jack is fantastically slimy, but strangely appealing, even in that vest. Sophie Cordwell James is a tiny but tough Chesty Prospects, and Caspar Cordwell James is born to play Booby Chevalle.

Saucy Jack is a spectacular show, full of energy and filth, but with an underlying sweetness urging you to follow your dreams. Once you’ve seen this, you’ll want to be a Vixen too… or maybe you’ll go and buy some cling film?

Brilliant – go and see it.