Rachel Parris: Poise Review

Leicester Square Theatre – 5 June 2024

Reviewed by Claire Roderick


With the Mash Report cancelled by both the BBC and Dave, Rachel Parris says she is learning to be more impartial in her comedy – but with the Tories practically writing the satire themselves, her efforts do not last long in her latest show. Although, for balance, Starmer isn’t given a free ride either. Political jokes abound, but this show is about Parris finding her poise as she reaches 40. All the traditional things she railed against 5 years ago are now facts of her life as a wife, mother, stepmother and *gasp* homeowner, and Parris asks the big questions about whether life really does begin at 40.

Easily switching from a self-deprecating and cringeworthy parenting anecdote to a biting political critique, Rachel Parris’s easy charm wins over the audience immediately and enables her to go into full primary school music teacher mode leading the audience in a wonderful singalong about what women want. With songs about internet scams, the queues at Dover (obviously not because of Brexit!) and a heartfelt tribute to Liz Truss with a version of Candle in the Wind that begins “Goodbye Lettuce Liz” throughout the evening, Parris’s musical numbers are highlights of the show. Rounding up the show with an acapella folk song celebrating all the joy and pain of life before turning 40 and rubbishing the ridiculous adage, and a magnificent James Bond theme spoof celebrating a woman’s perfect role model – the Bond Girl (her opinions are strong, but not vocal) – Rachel Parris is definitely entering her 40s on a high.

Rachel Parris is touring with Poise until 20th October. Tickets are on sale from: https://www.rachelontour.com/