Queen and Adam Lambert Review

Queen and Adam Lambert. Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle. Tuesday 13th January


From around 30 minutes before the show began the spot lights started to slowly move around the stage and a low reverb from a guitar started. The closer to the start of the show the faster the lights moved and the guitar got louder until there in silhouette stood Brian May. Then all lights off, pitch black and full light and into One Vision.


Brian May is, of course, a musical genius. His 6 minute guitar solo to lead into Tie Your Mother Down was outstanding as was the drum off, deliverance style, between father and son Roger and Rufus Taylor.


Adam Lambert is the first to admit he is not Freddie Mercury, there could only ever be one. But he has an amazing voice, and his campness and flamboyance have an echo of the immortal Mr Mercury. His showmanship complimented rather than imitated. Who else would have a chaise longue and drink champagne?


And Freddie himself did show up to sing. In the first song One Vision he did his “I had a dream. When I was young. A dream of sweet illusion. A glimpse of hope and unity. And visions of one sweet union” etc. During a Brian May solo version of Love of My Life up popped Freddie to help lead the singing and of course no one else could sing Bohemian Rhapsody and it was amazing.


There were songs I hoped to hear but didn’t and there were songs in there I wasn’t expecting, The Fog On The Tyne being the main one – but as a homage for the first night of a tour in Newcastle what else would you sing?


The show ended with Adam Lambert in the trade mark crown singing We Will Rock You followed by We Are The Champions and an instrumental version of God Save The Queen and it was done.


The stage and the lights were awesome. The stage was the shape of a Q with a large O with lights on it and the stick of the q was a path on to the main stage. They are very fond of red as a background colour but with a vast array of lights producing amazing patterns it was difficult to concentrate on the music with the lights hypnotising you. They were inspiring, I only wish I could produce such a show. With the sound and lights matching perfectly it was almost a son et lumiere with the narrative of the Queen back catalogue.


In a dream come true I finally got to see Queen and in a night of high voltage entertainment I was totally blown away. If you missed it you missed out but if you get the chance go and see this spectacular show