Production Photos for the UK Tour of Moira Buffini’s GABRIEL

20th anniversary production of Moira Buffini’s GABRIEL, staring Paul McGann (Von Pfunz), Belinda Lang (Jeanne), Robin Morrissey (Gabriel), Jules Melvin (Lake), Sarah Schoenbeck (Lily) and Venice van Someren (Estelle). GABRIEL opened this week at Richmond Theatre where it runs until Saturday 1 April and will then embark on a UK Tour until 20 May 2017.

Set in 1943 Nazi-occupied Guernsey, widow and mother Jeanne does whatever it takes to keep her adolescent daughter Estelle and daughter-in-law Lily safe on an island filled with danger and fear. Her toughest test arrives in the form of the terrifying Commander Von Pfunz, whose romantic advances may be the only way to keep her family alive, but tensions intensify when a mysterious young man is washed ashore with no memory of who he is.

This is only the second professional production of GABRIEL since it was first staged at the Soho Theatre in 1997.

GABRIEL is directed by Kate McGregor (Artistic Director of Theatre6) and is produced by Theatre6 and Catherine Schreiber and co-produced by Adam Roebuck and Bruno Wang.