Peter Pan Goes Wrong Review

Alexandra Palace – until 5 January 2020

Reviewed by Alexandra Sykes


Cornley Polytechnic Theatre are back with their Christmas production of Peter Pan and everything that can go wrong, does.

Before the show even starts there are problems for the stage crew as the hammer has gone missing. Although the hammer is found, the electrics on the stage are a bit hit and miss which causes problems. Once the show starts there are even more problems for the cast, with the pyrotechnics going off before they should, Nana the dog getting stuck in the door and having to be freed, and the Darling children’s bed collapsing with them in it. Throughout the show more accidents happen, with Peter Pan falling from a flying harness, a cast member ending up with a broken leg and the stage manager ending up with concussion.

With impressive set depicting the different settings for the story, and some impressive costumes including Tinkerbell’s light-up outfit, it is accidentally revealed that it is all possible due to a donation from a relative.

The true star of the show is Tom Babbage who plays Max, who in turn plays Michael Darling and the feared Crocodile. When it is accidentally revealed that Max likes a fellow cast member this causes more problems in the show, however all ends well for Max when he gets the girl he loves.

With lots of laughs throughout and plenty going on to keep audiences entertained this is a fabulous alternative to a traditional pantomime with laughs for all the family.