Parenthood: The (brand new!) Musical Revue

The Space – until 27th July 2019

Reviewed by Alexandra Sykes


With the amount of not so helpful information on the internet nowadays on how to be a good parent, this show makes you realise that nothing goes right when you are a parent, and that is ok.

Featuring 4 couples and a single dad, Parenthood takes you from conception to becoming a grandparent, with catchy songs about different aspects of being a parent along the way, such as do not annoy the PTA mums and don’t believe everything you see in social media.

All in all a really good show which shows that being a parent isn’t all it seems to be in the outside and most parents are actually putting on an act

The praise must be given to the cast for performing in what has been one of the hottest days of the year. Heather Broderick is a mum who doesn’t want drugs when she has her baby where as her husband, played by Jake Pearse, is a bit more relaxed about being a parent. Naomi Jones and Astra Beadle are a same sex couple who opt for a home birth, Katie Rayner and Jordon-David Copping are expecting their much longer for baby, Bruce Hanson is a single dad and Emily Clare and Jordon Brown are excited by end up being the embarrassing parents when their daughter is all grown up. There is also the character of Jenny (Rayner) who doesn’t want to be a mum and is constantly asked when she is going to have a baby, with her friends not realising it is a choice to become a mum. The 9 cast members do themselves proud as they all sang and danced throughout despite the heat. The set is basic with giant letter blocks used as chairs, stairs and podiums to stand on, and a cot is used in the first half.