Hamlet Review

Southwark Playhouse – until 4 February 2023

Reviewed by Claire Roderick


Let’s face it – a 100 minute Hamlet is going to upset Shakespeare purists, but Lazarus never shy away from exploring and interpreting classic plays in their own contemporary, sometimes challenging, style.

Lazarus’s Hamlet began as an actor in training production, and it hasn’t lost that raw edge as designer Sorcha Corcoran’s Elsinore is a performance space that could be a drama studio, therapy room or gym. Director Ricky Dukes has dispensed with the adults in his adaptation, leaving only the younger characters in the spotlight. This obviously leaves huge chunks of plot – and plotting – out of the play, but Dukes has form using a disembodied voice of authority to stop characters in their tracks and inserts vital information and orders from Claudius or Gertrude using Micha Colombo’s vocal skills. Familiarity with Hamlet will either annoy or help audience members follow the plot, but this pacy production tells the story with an undeniable freshness and energy that it serves as an intriguing introduction to Shakespeare that could act as a gateway into classic plays for new audiences.

Summoned by a bell, the cast assemble in a circle around a microphone and are asked who will begin, before introducing themselves and the characters they play. When it is Michael Hawkey’s turn to introduce himself as Hamlet the cast scatter and they begin the play. The cast’s reactions to the bell, and their stance as they freeze, looking up to the ceiling as they listen to and converse with Micha Colombo’s mysterious voice, creates a disconcerting power dynamic and sense of subjugation, raising lots of intriguing questions and possibilities to mull over after the performance. Stuart Glover’s lighting and Jovana Backovic’s sound design are bold and brash, perfect for this production. The characters use torches and fight to be heard over a giant fan at times, but it all fits together to keep the audience slightly on edge and never comfortable with what they are watching. We certainly had lots of conflicting ideas but came back to one (although we may have been influenced by our love of schlocky TV shows!). The cast are all dressed in what could be a team or institutional uniform, and instantly comply with the voice and the bell – so could this be part of a young offenders or psychiatric programme? The way the play ends makes it seem as if this therapy/punishment has been repeated many times and the characters are revisiting/trying to change their reactions to the voice’s manipulations in a twisted Squid Games style experiment. Whatever the intention – any play that can make people argue that much is worth the ticket price.

Although the sensitivity and tenderness of some scenes are lost in the dizzying pace of the production, the tone throughout is consistent, with every character appearing and acting like a teenager trying to navigate a brutal, unforgiving and confusing world. Polonius’s accidental murder just about makes sense, but the idea that Hamlet could be capable of random violence at that point rings true regardless. Michael Hawkey’s Hamlet is stroppy and showy at first, but the insecurity and instability emerges gradually to replace the early showy mask of ladishness Hamlet employs. An impressive professional debut. Lexine Lee as Ophelia portrays a quiet and dignified descent into despair, hauntingly capturing the almost serene determination once she has decided to kill herself (in a beautifully stark scene filmed parading through the corridors of the Playhouse.) The wonderful Kalifa Taylor gives the most traditional rendition of Shakespeare as the first player performing for Hamlet, nicely contrasting the more natural choices of the cast with our ideas of what Shakespeare should sound like. The Mousetrap is played for laughs in broad physical comedy and a stream of tortured rhymes by Kiera Murray and Juan Hernandez – a welcome chance to catch a breath and have fun amongst all the angst. The young cast all impress, and their ensemble work as the voice of Hamlet’s father is wonderfully atmospheric.

Lazarus’s Hamlet is mean, moody and very modern – an exhilarating and intriguing adaptation with an exciting young cast.

We Didn’t Come to Hell for the Croissants Review

Riverside Studios – until 4th February 2023

Reviewed by Heather Chalkley


Jemma Khan’s off the wall solo performance covers all the deadly sins, through clever story boards and often anarchic dialogue. Khan uses Kamishibai (“paper play”), a form of Japanese street theatre and storytelling that was popular in Japan until the advent of television.

This combines with Khan’s physical presence, her gaze holding your attention, as she morphs into each character with the slip on of a necklace, jacket or trousers. Just as impactful the slipping off of the same and much more. The random smashing of fruit and vegetables serves as a short interval!

You are captivated throughout the 70 minute rollercoaster full of humour, shock and sauciness! It is a joy to watch an accomplished silver tongue suffuse the air with such unshackled abandon.

Allegiance Review

Charing Cross Theatre – until 8 April 2023

Reviewed by Claire Roderick


The forcible relocation of 120,000 Japanese Americans from the West Coast following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour is a stain on the country’s history, and one that George Takei has ensured will not be forgotten through his advocacy and this wonderful musical. When Takei was only 5 years old, his family were taken at gunpoint and spent the rest of the war in camps far from home. Although Allegiance doesn’t tell the story of the camps through the eyes of a child, the fictional Kimura family and their experiences still take the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions. After runs in California, Broadway and an online, it is high time London gets to see this heart-warming musical live on stage.

It’s a shock when George Takei walks on as gruff war veteran Sam Kimura, as we are so used to seeing the veteran actor and social media maestro beaming from ear to ear. In that brief first scene where Sam’s decades-long estrangement from his sister is established, Takei effortlessly reminds the audience of his serious acting chops before the action goes back to 1941 and he reappears playing Sam’s grandfather, Ojii-Chan. In this role, he has a permanent twinkle, gleefully clapping along with musical numbers and offering sweet words of wisdom to the fiery younger generation.

The incredible Telly Leung plays Sam as a young man, with soaring vocals and a magnetic stage presence. Aynrand Ferrer is phenomenal as Sam’s sister, Kei, who has raised him since their mother died. Ferrer’s impeccable voice and her searing emotion make for an unforgettable performance as Kei finally finds her independence, and love, in captivity. As the prisoners follow their elders’ advice and keep the gaman spirit – enduring the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity – Sam is angry and wants to enlist to fight for his country, but is refused. As time passes, the prisoners must fill in a loyalty questionnaire, answering whether they would be willing to enlist and fight for the US and renounce the Japanese emperor. The men who said yes joined up and those that answered no were sent to a segregation camp. The tensions and fractured relationships as the men must choose their allegiance set events in motion that lead to tragedy.

The entire cast is charismatic and energetic – Masashi Fujimoto oozes strength and dignity as Tatsuo Kimura, Megan Campbell shines as the white nurse in love with Sam and Patrick Munday lots of fun as Frankie, Kei’s boyfriend, who represents everything that her brother mistrusts.

Mark Acito, Jay Kuo and Lorenzo Thione’s book does get a little soapy, but the pace of the story sweeps you along under Tara Overfield Wilkinson’s sprightly direction. Jay Kuo’s music and lyrics are a joy – with bombastic dance numbers, big band style, haunting ballads and sweet comedy duets. The structure and score aren’t ground-breaking, but the show is a delight – sharing this important story in an unforgettably powerful production.

This glorious show is full of heart, humour and humanity just like George Takei himself – a wonderful legacy.

Acclaimed Comedian & Impressionist Rory Bremner Stars As Christ Tarrant In James Graham’s Smash Hit Play QUIZ







*****“Furiously exciting” 
Time Out

**** “Utterly compelling” 
The Times

**** “A thrilling blend of entertainment, politics and justice today” 
Sunday Times

Rory Bremner, Britain’s top satirical impressionist and renowned comedian, stars as Chris Tarrant in James Graham’s thrilling and provocative drama, Quiz. The production explores the real-life story of Charles Ingram, aka the Coughing Major, who conned the world’s most popular TV quiz show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire out of £1,000,000. Or did he?

Nominated for two Olivier Awards including Best New Comedy, James Graham’s smash hit play, Quiz, transferred to London’s West End with sensational reviews in 2018, following a sold-out run at Chichester Festival Theatre. And in 2020, millions tuned in to see the three-part ITV adaptation starring Michael Sheen, Matthew Macfadyen and Sian Clifford.

Quiz now returns to Chichester Festival Theatre before embarking on a 9-week UK tour from 22 September to 2 December 2023, with press night on 28 September 2023.

Roryis ‘a one-man opposition party’ (Daily Telegraph). As a mimic, he’s provided definitive impersonations of PMs and Presidents from Major, Blair, Cameron and Brown, to Clinton, Bush and Trump. As himself, he’s been a presenter, writer, quiz-show host, actor, translator and even (briefly) ballroom dancer (Strictly Come Dancing, 2011). 

Rory Bremner says “I’m very excited about this; not just the challenge of playing Chris Tarrant in long form but bringing the scandal that really caught the public’s imagination to a live audience every night. What really happened? The jury’s out- and this time it’s you!

I didn’t have to phone-a-friend. It wasn’t even 50/50. This was a role I had to take on, with A: a brilliant director; B: a terrific script; C: a different audience live each night; and D: a story that divides opinion to this day. Final answer? Ask the audience!”

September 2001:

the nation is gripped by a scandal that remains, to this day, a mystery.
In an outrageously audacious heist, Charles Ingram, aka the Coughing Major, and his accomplices duped the world’s most popular TV quiz show, 

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, out of £1,000,000.

Or did they?

And if they did cheat, how did they really do it?

Uncovering new evidence, it’s time to ask you, the audience, to put fingers on keypads and answer the ultimate 50/50: guilty or not guilty?

Quiz is directed by Artistic Director of Chichester Festival Theatre, Daniel Evans and Seán Linnen with design by Robert Jones, and produced by Jonathan Church Theatre Productions and Wessex Grove, by arrangement with William Village. Lighting by Ryan Day, composition and sound design by Ben and Max Ringham, with video by Tim Reid and casting by Ginny Schiller CDG

QUIZ is a fictional imagination based on real events which took place in 2001 following an episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? It is not in any way connected with the makers of the programme or any of the individuals portrayed. The television programme Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is produced by 2waytraffic.

Girl From the North Country Review

Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield – until 21st January 2023

Reviewed by Sophie Dodworth


On their UK and Ireland tour, this outstanding production stops at the Sheffield Lyceum for a week. Written and directed by Conor McPherson with the story surrounding the songs of Bob Dylan.

Get whisked into the depression era of the early 1930s and follow the story of Nick (Colin Connor), Elizabeth (Frances McNamee) and their kids Marianne (Justina Kehinde) and Gene (Gregor Milne). They have a complex and difficult set-up, Elizabeth is struggling with dementia, having to live in a house with her husband (and carer) who is having relations with widow Mrs Neilsen (Maria Omakinwa). Their alcohol loving son Gene seems to be stuck in a rut trying to make it in the writing world but not making much progress due to the drink and then their adopted daughter who is pregnant with no father in the picture. Witness romance and sad times, as the storyline unfolds and explores the awful realities of extremely racist times that people lived through then.

To mention all the actors that are great in this show would be impossible as literally every single one is the full package. The strength of these actors is unreal, they leave goosebumps and butterflies and to put into words how polished this is, is quite difficult, you really need to see it. McNamee is electric, her energy on stage is unique and she can make you feel emotionally charged with her sombre, confused state as Elizabeth and then her happy and joyful outbursts when singing and dancing. Omakinwa lights up the stage when she first enters with her beautiful voice and smile. Kehinde is perfect for the role of Marianne and has some superb moments with her solos. The effortless vocals of Eve Norris, during duet I Want You, are just breath-taking. The ensemble are literally the strongest out there, one really standing out was Daniel Reid-Walters, the energy he put into each number did not go unrecognised.

The set and costume design really took this show to the next level, hats off to designer Rae Smith. Every detail was worth it, the lights, the detailed plentiful props and appropriate costumes, all just added such charisma.

Musical numbers that really stood out were almost all of them! Slow Train was just exquisite, a visual masterpiece, well placed cast and a sweet-sounding ensemble. The female group singing at the front at the end of this number was the cherry on top.

A dark, dramatic, romantic and starkly sad at times storyline which will draw you in and keep you there with the actors right until the very end. Mind-blowingly entertaining, emotion-churning and a perfect visual platter! this show will leave a real lick of refreshing artistry with you.

Rock of Ages Announces 2023 Farewell Tour Cast joining KEVIN KENNEDY









The producers of ROCK OF AGES are thrilled to announce full casting for the farewell tour of the production, starring Coronation Street star Kevin Kennedy as Dennis Dupree, opening at Peterboroguh New Theatre on Wednesday 1 February 2023. Kevin is joined by Sam Turrell as ‘Drew Boley’, Gabriella Williams as ‘Sherrie Christian’, Tim Oxbrow as ‘Lonny Barnett’, Cameron Sharp as ‘Stacee Jaxx’, Natalie Winsor as ‘Justice Charlier’, Vas Constanti as ‘Hertz Klinemann’, David Breeds as ‘Franz Klinemann’, Stephanie Chandos as ‘Regina’. The cast is completed by Erin Bell, Adam Strong, Scott Hayward, Darius James, Reece Duncan, Tianna Sealy-Jewiss, Janine Somcio, Rhys West and Phoebe Samuel-Gray.

Following playing Peterborough, the tour will visit Bromley (7 – 11 February), Aberdeen (14 – 18 February), Blackpool (20 – 25 February), Truro (27 February – 4 March), Bradford (7 – 11 March), Manchester (14 – 18 March) and Barnstaple (21 – 25 March). From May the tour visits Llandudno, Crewe, Hull, Wolverhampton, Newcastle, and Swansea. Full casting for May dates onwards will be announced in due course.  Full tour schedule below. www.rockofagesmusical.co.uk

Kevin Kennedy is probably best known for his portrayal of ‘Curly Watts’ in “Coronation Street”. His West End theatre credits include ‘Amos’ in “Chicago” at the Adelphi Theatre and “We Will Rock You” at the Dominion Theatre. Kevin has played both ‘Caractacus Potts’ and ‘The Child Catcher’ in the hit musical “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, becoming the first actor to have played both roles. He appeared as ‘Dennis Dupree’ in the 2018 UK Tour of “Rock of Ages” and has also appeared in the national tours of the musicals “The Rocky Horror Show”, “The Commitments” and Kay Mellor’s “Fat Friends”.

Sam Turrell returns to “Rock of Ages” and the role of ‘Drew’ having performed the show on the UK tour, around the world on the NCL Breakaway cruise ship.

Gabriella Williams theatre credits include ‘Sophie’ in “Mamma Mia!” at the Novello Theatre, “Eugenius!” at the London Palladium, “Carrie The Musical” at the Southwark Playhouse and “Miss Saigon” and “Grease”, both on a UK tour.

Tim Oxbrow’s theatre credits include “Bat Out Of Hell” both in the West End and on the UK and Canada tour. His other credits include “Mythic” at the Charing Cross Theatre, the international tour of “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Chess” at The Union Theatre and the UK Tour of “Spiderman The Musical”. On television he has appeared in ITV’s “Breaking The Band” and the BBC’s “Tales of the Empire”.

Cameron Sharp has appeared in the UK Tours of “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical”, “Rock of Ages” and “Avenue Q”. His West End credits include “School of Rock”, “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Rock of Ages”.

Natalie Winsor’s theatre credits include “Abba Voyage” at the Abba Arena, “The Tempest” at Theatre Royal Bath, “King Arthur” at the Roses Theatre, “Fame” at The Shaftesbury Theatre, “Jekyll and Hyde” UK Tour and “Live and Upfront” at the London Palladium.

“ROCK OF AGES” is the hilarious musical comedy lavished with over 25 classic rock anthems, including, ‘We Built This City’, ‘The Final Countdown’, ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’, ‘Here I Go Again’, ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ and ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’, played loud and proud by an awesome live band. Leave it all behind and lose yourself in a city and a time where the dreams are as big as the hair, and yes, they can come true!

Now a global smash with hit seasons on Broadway, London’s West End and Las Vegas and a star-studded Hollywood movie version this show promises you the best party night out around.

The crew is made up of Company Manager Emma Eldridge-Doyle, Stage Manager Benjamin Larkin, Deputy Stage Manager Sophie Mason, Assistant Stage Manager Mali-Beth Rose, Technical Assistant Stage Manager Kyle Campbell, Sound 1 Olly Smith, Sound 2 Toby Maiden, LX1 Ben Webster, LX 2/Tech Swing Callum Brady-Temple, LX3 Sofie Mirza, Head of Wardrobe Melissa Hamill and Wardrobe Assistant Nicola Riley.

The band is made up of Musical Director and Keys Liam Holmes, Guitar1 Liam Stevenson, Guitar 2 Alex Ward, Bass Guitar Elliot Mason and Drums Steve Hynes.

“ROCK OF AGES” has a book by Chris D’Arienzo and arrangements and orchestrations by Ethan Popp.

The full creative team includes Nick Winston  (Director of the feature film “Tomorrow Morning”, “MAME”, “The Royal Variety Performance”) who Directs and Choreographs the show, Set and Costume design by Morgan Large (“The Woman in White”, “Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat” and “Tell Me On A Sunday”), Lighting Design by Ben Cracknell (“Sunset Boulevard”, “Pantoland at the Palladium”, “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”), Sound Design by Ben Harrison (“Mame”, “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” and “Fame”) and Video and Projection design by  Duncan McLean (“The Car Man, Nutcracker! and Magic Goes Wrong”). Casting Director is Jim Arnold CDG, Associate Director is Victoria Gimby, Associate Choreographer is Ryan-Lee Seager and Associate Lighting Designer is Chris Vaughan. Costume Supervision by Lee Tassie and Production Management by Phil McCandlish. 



“Fresh, subversive, essential”

Daily Telegraph







2023 marks the 50th Anniversary of the legendary smash hit musical The Rocky Horror Show, as it continues to play a newly extended tour through 2023 to sell-out crowds. Richard O’Brien’s legendary rock ‘n’ roll musical celebrates 50 years of non-stop partying with this special anniversary production. Since it first opened in London in June 1973 at the Royal Court Theatre The Rocky Horror Show has become the longest continuous run of a contemporary musical anywhere in the world. The show has been seen by over 30 million people worldwide in more than 30 countries and translated into 20 languages as it continues to delight audiences on its sell-out international tour.

“So fast, so funny, so sexy” – Daily Mail

“Still the sexiest and funniest show in town” – Evening Standard

Without doubt the Rocky Horror Show is as iconic as it gets. Lighting up the stage this phenomenal cast will perform songs that are embedded in pop culture. With a whole host of special celebrations to be announced throughout the year, the cast are in full throttle and ready to honour this monumental moment, delivering a guaranteed party that leaps off the stage and transcends into the audience.

This celebratory tour is already thrilling audiences across the UK and the world, including recent sell-out trips to Tel Aviv, Milan, Rome and Trieste. The tour will continue throughout 2023, visiting Torquay, Sheffield, Dublin, Blackpool, Manchester, Chester, Shrewsbury, Edinburgh, Southampton, Birmingham, Cheltenham, Cardiff, Stockton, London, Eastbourne, Cornwall, Leeds, Aylesbury, Crewe, Woking, Portsmouth, Belfast, Southend, Nottingham, and Swindon – with further dates to be announced. The extraordinary cast is ready to deliver a guaranteed party not to be missed. Tickets are on sale now from RockyHorror.co.uk.

Producer Howard Panter said: “Rocky Horror has always been a show I loved, since its earliest days in the Kings Road. Richard O’Brien and I are delighted this non-stop party continues to thrill audiences across the world, and we look forward to the next 50 years!”

Richard O’Brien said: “Back in the 1970’s when someone asked me to entertain the Christmas staff party at the EMI Film Studios and I turned up with a song called Science Fiction Double Feature who would have known this was the germ of the idea to turn into today what is The Rocky Horror Show. To be celebrating fifty years is beyond my wildest expectations – from the humble beginnings back in 1973 at the Royal Court Theatre in London. The fact that The Rocky Horror show continues to delight audiences as it tours the UK fifty years on is simply thrilling. The Rocky Horror Show is one of Britain’s most performed and beloved musicals of all time.”

As part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations, actor, presenter and winner of Strictly Come Dancing Ore Oduba is to don his fishnets once again as he returns to the role of Brad Majors in this special 50th year for a limited six week run between 3rd May and 10th June at the Peacock Theatre, London.

Ore Oduba said: “I can’t wait to reunite with my Rocky family, reprising my role as Brad Majors. There is just nothing quite like the Rocky Horror Show. I had the most incredible time touring the country last year, so to slip on the heels and zip up my corset again on the 50th anniversary of this iconic show will be so special. I can’t’ wait to Time Warp again at the Peacock Theatre, it’s going to be epic!”

A brilliant cast are already wowing Rocky Horror audiences up and down the country, with West End star Stephen Webb (Jersey Boys/Legally Blonde) continuing in the iconic role of Frank, slipping into a corset and heels with ease, actor Philip Franks (The Darling Buds of May) plays The Narrator, Richard Meek (Hairspray/Spamlot) makes a welcome return as Brad and is joined by fan favourite Haley Flaherty (Mamma Mia/Chicago) as Janet.

Kristian Lavercombe (Jersey Boys/Jesus Christ Superstar) once again reprises his role as Riff Raff, following more than 2000 performances around the world, with Darcy Finden who made her professional debut last year as one of the Phantoms now stepping up to play the role of as Columbia. Ben Westhead (Oliver/The Sound of Music) plays Rocky, Suzie McAdams (School of Rock/Kinky Boots) takes on the role of Magenta and Joe Allen (Little Shop of Horrors/Charlie & The Chocolate Factory) plays Eddie & Dr Scott. Playing the Phantoms are Stefania Du Toit (Starlight Express/Singing in the Rain), Jessica Sole (Into The Woods/Camelot), Reece Budin (Beautiful: The Carole King Musical/Man of La Mancha) and Fionán O’Carroll (Theatre whilst training: Urinetown/Children of Eden) who is making his professional debut. Nathan Shaw (Walk Like A Man) and Tyla Nurden (Funny Girl/Carrie, The Musical) are Swings.

Directed by Christopher Luscombe, The Rocky Horror Show is ready to thrill you with fun and naughty moments, and features timeless classics including Sweet Transvestite, Damn it Janet, and of course, the pelvic thrusting show stopping Time Warp.

The Rocky Horror Show is the story of two squeaky clean college kids – Brad and his fiancée Janet. When by a twist of fate, their car breaks down outside a creepy mansion whilst on their way to visit their former college professor, they meet the charismatic Dr Frank’n’Furter. It is an adventure they’ll never forget, filled with fun, frolics, frocks, and frivolity. The Rocky Horror Show is a guaranteed party, which famously combines science-fiction, horror, comedy and music while encouraging audience participation – meaning, of course, getting dressed-up in the most outrageous fancy dress.

The Rocky Horror Show first began life in 1973 before an audience of just 63 people in the Royal Court’s Theatre Upstairs. It was an immediate success and transferred to the Chelsea Classic Cinema, before going on to run at the Kings Road Theatre, 1973-79 and the Comedy Theatre in the West End, 1979-80. In 1975 it was transformed into a film called ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. This film adaptation took over $135 million at the Box Office and is still shown in cinemas around the world more than 40 years after its premiere, making it the longest running theatrical release in cinema history. Many stars including Russell Crowe, Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Jerry Springer, Jason Donovan and Meatloaf have appeared in The Rocky Horror Show over the past 45 years.

In 2015, as part of a sold-out season at London’s Playhouse Theatre, a special star-studded Gala charity performance in aid of Amnesty International was broadcast to over 600 cinemas across the UK and Europe. The live screening – featuring a host of celebrities playing The Narrator including Stephen Fry, Mel Giedroyc, Emma Bunton, Ade Edmondson, Anthony Head and Richard O’Brien – smashed box office records and was the biggest grossing film in cinemas across the UK. The performance was subsequently screened on the Sky Arts channel.

Ready to thrill you with fun and naughty moments, The Rocky Horror Show is the boldest bash of them all. But be warned, this show has rude parts!

What the press have said about The Rocky Horror Show:

“Relentlessly energetic and high on audience participation” – The Times

“Hard to think of another musical quite as unique as this. Christopher Luscombe’s affectionate production feels like a genuine blast from the past” – Mail on Sunday

“As delightfully naughty as ever!” – Daily Telegraph

16th January – 21st January 2023 Princess Theatre, Torquay

23rd January – 28th January 2023 Sheffield Theatre

30th January – 4th February 2023 Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, Dublin

13th February – 18th February 2023 The Grand Theatre, Blackpool

20th February – 25th February 2023 Manchester Opera House

27th February – 4th March 2023 Chester Storyhouse

6th March – 11th March 2023 Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury

13th March – 18th March 2023 Edinburgh Playhouse

20th March – 25th March 2023 Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

27th March – 1st April 2023 The Alexandra, Birmingham

3rd April – 8th April 2023 Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham

10th April – 15th April 2023 New Theatre, Cardiff

24th April – 29th April 2023 Stockton Globe

3rd May – 10th June 2023 Peacock Theatre, London

13th June – 17th June 2023 Congress Theatre, Eastbourne

20th June – 24th June 2023 Hall for Cornwall, Truro

27th June – 1st July 2023 Leeds Grand Theatre

3rd July – 8th July 2023 Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury

10th July – 15th July 2023 Lyceum Theatre, Crewe

17th July – 22nd July 2023 New Victoria Theatre, Woking

24th July – 29th July 2023 Kings Theatre, Portsmouth

7th August – 12th August Grand Opera House, Belfast

14th August – 19th August 2023 The Cliffs Pavillion, Southend

21st August – 26th August 2023 Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

28th August – 2nd September 2023 Wyvern Theatre, Swindon


Ticket prices: From £10

Website: www.rockyhorror.co.uk

Twitter: @rockyhorroruk

Instagram: @rockyhorrorofficial

Facebook: /rockyhorrorshow



“Punchy, playful and sexy, this Oklahoma! is an absolute knockout” The Telegraph




“Oklahoma! is stunningly reimagined” Financial Times

Eva PriceSonia Friedman Productions and Michael Harrison in association with the Young Vic Theatre today announce full casting for the West End transfer of the critically acclaimed production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!Georgina Onuorah (Ado Annie) and Phillip Olagoke (Cord Elam) join the previously announced cast who reprise their roles from the run at the Young Vic: Raphael Bushay (Mike), Arthur Darvill (Curly McLain), James Patrick Davis (Will Parker), Stavros Demetraki (Ali Hakim), Greg Hicks (Andrew Carnes), Rebekah Hinds (Gertie Cummings), Anoushka Lucas (Laurey Williams), Marie-Astrid Mence (Lead Dancer), Liza Sadovy (Aunt Eller) and Patrick Vaill (Jud Fry) with Andrew Berlin, Arthur BoanShani CantorAnna-Maria de FreitasGeorge MaddisonBrianna OgunbawoFinlay Paul, Helen K Wint. The production opens at Wyndham’s Theatre on 28 February 2023, with previews from 16 February, and runs until 2 September 2023.

Listed as the most recommended show of 2022 and 2023, the production recently won Best Musical at the Evening Standard Awards 2022, and Best Musical Performance for Patrick Vaill, and is nominated for 8 WhatsOnStage awards, including Best Musical Revival.

The Producers have set aside a number of £10 tickets for Monday – Wednesday performances that are offered directly to those currently under-represented in West End theatre audiences. These are made available via an outreach programme run by Sita McIntosh of Inclusive Audiences – www.inclusiveaudiences.com.

Reimagined for the stage by Daniel Fish, the production played a sold-out run at the Young Vic last year, having previously transferred to Broadway from St. Ann’s Warehouse winning the Tony Award for Best Musical Revival.


“Your heart will soar. Exceptional.” Metro

Eva Price, Sonia Friedman Productions, Michael Harrison

in association with the Young Vic Theatre


The Bard Summerscape production of

Rodgers & Hammerstein’s




Based on the play “Green Grow the Lilacs” by Lynn Riggs

Original Choreography by Agnes de Mille

Director: Daniel Fish; Orchestrations, Arrangements and Co-Music Supervision: Daniel Kluger; Choreographer: John Heginbotham; Scenic Designers: Lael Jellinek Grace Laubacher;

Costume Designer: Terese Wadden; Lighting Designer: Scott Zielinski; Sound Designer: Drew Levy;

Projection Designer: Joshua Thorson; Co-Music Supervision and Additional Vocal Arrangements: Nathan Koci; Casting Director: Jacob Sparrow

Forget what you think it is… this is Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! as you’ve never seen it before – re-orchestrated and reimagined for the 21st century. Winner of the Tony Award for Best Musical Revival, Daniel Fish’s bold interpretation recently enjoyed a sold-out run at the Young Vic following sold-out runs in New York and across the U.S. on tour.

Oklahoma! tells a story of a community banding together against an outsider, and the frontier life that shaped America. Eighty years after Rodgers & Hammerstein reinvented the American musical, this visionary production is funny and sexy, provocative and probing, without changing a word of the text.

Raphael Bushay plays Mike. His theatre work includes The Crucible (National Theatre), Red Riding Hood (Theatre Royal Stratford East), The Tempest, Henry V (Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre), Don Quixote (Royal Shakespeare Company), As You Like It (The Lamb Players), Peter Pan, Henry V (Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre), Queen of Chapletown (West Yorkshire Playhouse), Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox (UK / UAE tour, NST / Lyric Hammersmith / Leicester Curve), and Kampala (The Miniaturists / Arcola Theatre). For television, his work includes Holby City.

Arthur Darvill plays Curly McLain. His theatre work includes Rare Earth Mettle (Royal Court Theatre), Been So Long (Young Vic), The Antipodes, Treasure Island (National Theatre), Sweet Charity (Donmar Warehouse), Once (Broadway and West End), Genesis INC. (Hampstead Theatre), Hir (Bush Theatre), Elevenses/Beginning To End (Somerset House), Our Boys, Swimming With Sharks (West End), Marine Parade (Brighton Festival), Doctor Faustus (Shakespeare’s Globe), White Rabbit Red Rabbit (Gate Theatre), Is Everyone OK? (Nabokov), Stacey (Arcola Theatre), and Terre Haute (Edinburgh Fringe Festival/West End/tour). For television, his work includes GraceDC’s Legends of TomorrowWorld on FireDanny & the Human ZooBroadchurchDoctor WhoThe White QueenThe ParadiseLittle DorritHe Kills Coppers, and The Verdict; and for film, Fairytale Sect, Minutes Past Midnight, Robin Hood; Sex Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Pelican Blood.

James Patrick Davis plays Will Parker. His US theatre credits includeOklahoma! (Theatre World Award recipient for Breakthrough Performance on Broadway, also at St. Ann’s Warehouse and Bard Summerscape), The House of Blue Leaves (Broadway), We Are Proud to Present a Presentation… (Soho Rep), The Mother of Invention (Abingdon), The More Loving One (La MaMa),  Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare Theatre Company), Richard IILong Day’s Journey into Night, As You Like It (Quintessence Theatre Group), Clybourne Park (Long Wharf Theatre), and American Buffalo (Studio Theatre). For television, his work includes Search Party.

Stavros Demetraki plays Ali Hakim. For theatre his work includesPeter Pan (Birmingham Rep), The Vote (Donmar Warehouse), Timon of Athens, Antigone, She Stoops To Conquer, The Kitchen (National Theatre), Adventures In Wonderland, Supermarket Shakespeare (Teatro Vivo), As You Like It (Dash Arts / Curve), Blood Wedding (Liverpool Everyman), By The Way (Chopped Logic), Gilgamesh (Belgrade Theatre / UK tour), and Birds Without Wings (Eastern Angles). For television, his work includes Miss Scarlett & The Duke, Doctor Who, Tyrant, and White Van Man; and for film, The Phantom Warrior, Hampstead, Risen, Dracula Untold, The Hope Rooms, Blush Furiously, and The Simple Equation.

Greg Hicks plays Andrew Carnes. His theatre work includes Dinner with Groucho (Civic Theatre Dublin, Belfast International Festival, Arcola Theatre), The Open House (Bath/Print Room), Richard III, The Kreutzer Sonata, Clarion (Arcola Theatre), Play Strindberg (Ustinov Studio), All’s Well That Ends WellHamlet, Little Eagles, Anthony & Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, A Winter’s Tale, King Lear (RSC), Angels in America (Headlong), Venice Preserved (Citizens), Coriolanus (The Old Vic – Critics’ Circle Award and Olivier nomination Best Actor). For television, his work includes  Domina, Citizen Charlie, Burton & Taylor, and The Bible; Midsomer Murders; and for film, The Mercy,and Snow White and the Huntsman.

Rebekah Hinds plays Gertie Cummings. Her theatre work includes Kathy and Stella Solve a Murder (Paines Plough’s Roundabout – Winner of Best Musical Edinburgh Fringe), What’s New Pussycat? (Birmingham Rep), Paradise (Hampstead Theatre), Much Ado About Nothing (Watford Palace), Grotty (The Bunker), Humble Boy (Orange Tree), Anita & Me (UK tour), The Government Inspector (Birmingham Rep/Ramps on the Moon UK Tour – Olivier Award Nominated), Billy Liar (Royal Exchange), Around the World (Sadler’s Wells & Mint Theater, New York), The Little Prince – Concert (Savoy), and Sondheim Prom (Royal Albert Hall). Hinds won the Audience Favourite Award in the Musical Comedy Awards 2019 as half of comedy duo Maris Piper. For television, her work includes Scarborough, Inside No. 9, The SyndicateTrollied, Shameless, Aunties, and Stains of Staines; and for film, Who Fired That Cannon?ShandylandThe Public Benefits, and Woman of the Night.

Anoushka Lucas plays Laurey Williams. Her theatre credits include Elephant (Bush Theatre – also playwright), Henry V (Donmar Warehouse), After Life (National Theatre), Jesus Christ Superstar (Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre), Chiaroscuro (Bush Theatre), Faces in the Crowd (Gate Theatre), and Sparks (Edinburgh Fest / Vault Festival). For film, her work includes Murder on the Orient Express and Been So Long. Her recording work includes her debut album Dark Soul (debut album); and her composition includes Sparks (BBC Radio 4 / Edinburgh Festival / Vault Festival), The Ballad of Klook and Vinette (Park Theatre / NAMT Festival NYC), and The Etienne Sisters (Theatre Royal Stratford).

Marie-Astrid Mence is Lead Dancer. Her theatre work includes Then Or Now, Table Talk, The Waiting Game, Courage, Like Water, Click, Pendulum, Captured, Washa, Ingoma, House Of Dream, The Suit, Red Riding Hood, Storyville, A Dream Within A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Dépouillement, Tearfall, Melt, Mapping, Until Without Enough, Undivided Love. For television, her work includes Find me in Paris, L’Opera, and Spellbound.

Phillip Olagoke plays Cord Elam. His theatre credits include The Glass Menagerie (Duke of York’s Theatre), A Number (The Old Vic), Farewell Leicester Square (The Talking Horse at The Place) and David Copperfield (Barn Theatre).

Georgina Onuorah plays Ado Annie. Her theatre credits include The Wizard of Oz (Curve Theatre), Millennials (The Other Palace), Cinderella (Gillian Lynne Theatre) and Dick Whittington (National Theatre).

Liza Sadovy plays Aunt Eller. Her theatre credits include Cabaret (KitKatClub at The Playhouse Theatre – Olivier Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical), Living Newspaper, A Separate Reality (Royal Court), Present Laughter (The Old Vic), I’m Not Running, Absolute Hell, Tales from the Vienna Woods, The Heiress (National Theatre), Fiddler on the Roof (Chichester Festival Theatre), Pygmalion (Headlong), Wicked (Victoria Apollo), Oliver! (Sheffield Crucible), Mrs Klein (Northampton Theatre Royal – winner of TMA Best Supporting Actress), La Bête (Comedy Theatre and Music Box Theatre New York), Annie Get Your Gun, The Good Soul of Szechuan, Six Characters Looking for an Author (Young Vic), Sunday in the Park with George (West End and Menier Chocolate Factory), Secret Rapture (Bristol Old Vic), Richard II (Berkoff Productions), The Dresser and the UK première of Into The Woods (West End), Alice (RSC), The Slow Drag (Whitehall Theatre), Broken Glass (Manchester Library Theatre), Company (Donmar Warehouse and West End), and Sugar Hill Blues (Hampstead Theatre). For television, her work includes A Small Light, Outlander, Ridley Road, Vera, Babylon, The Honorable Woman, Emma, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Extras, Prime Suspect, Tonight at 8:30, Castles,and I Remember Nelson; and for film, Kativta & Teresa, Disobedience, The Knot, Sweeney Todd, Topsy-Turvy, and Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire.

Patrick Vaill plays Jud Fry – reprising the role he has played in Daniel Fish’s production since its conception. He is currently nominated for Best Musical Performance at this year’s Evening Standard Awards. His US theatre credits include I’m Revolting (Atlantic Theatre Company), Oklahoma! (Broadway, St. Ann’s Warehouse, Bard SummerScape – Drama Desk and Grammy Award Nominations), Macbeth (Lincoln Center Theatre), Peter Pan (Bedlam), Cabaret (national tour, Roundabout Theatre Company), Edward II (Red Bull), Camelot, Othello, Henry IV Parts 1 & 2, Henry V, Richard II, As You Like It, Mrs. Warren’s Profession (Shakespeare Theatre Company, DC), and also work with Bay Street Theatre, Capital Rep, amongst others. For television, his work includes Dash & Lily; and for film, Bleecker, Xmas In July, and short films The Lovers and Research.

After long and highly distinguished careers with other collaborators, Richard Rodgers (composer, 1902-79) and Oscar Hammerstein II (librettist/lyricist, 1895-1960) joined forces in 1943 to create the most successful partnership in American Musical Theater. Prior to joining forces, Rodgers collaborated with lyricist Lorenz Hart on musical comedies that epitomized wit and sophistication (Pal Joey, On Your Toes, Babes in Arms and more), while Hammerstein brought new life to operetta and created the classic, Show Boat, with Jerome Kern. Oklahoma!, the first Rodgers & Hammerstein musical, introduced an integrated form that became known as “the musical play.” Their shows that followed included Carousel, South Pacific, The King and I and The Sound of Music. Collectively, the Rodgers & Hammerstein musicals have earned Tony, Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, Pulitzer and Olivier Awards. The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization is a Concord Company.

Daniel Fish is a New York-based director who makes work across the boundaries of theatre, film, and opera. He draws on a broad range of forms and subject matter including plays, film scripts, contemporary fiction, essays and found audio. His 2019 production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! transferred to Broadway from St. Ann’s Warehouse and won the Tony Award for Best Musical Revival. Other recent work includes White Noise, inspired by the novel by Don DeLillo (Ruhrfestspiele Recklingshausen, Theater Freiburg, Skirball NYU), Most Happy, based on Frank Loesser’s “The Most Happy Fella” (Williamstown Theater Festival), Michael Gordon’s opera, Acquanetta (Prototype Festival/Bard SummerScape), Don’t Look Back (The Chocolate Factory), Who Left This Fork Here (Baryshnikov Arts Center, Onassis Center), Ted Hearne’s The Source (BAM NEXT WAVE, LA Opera, San Francisco Opera), and Eternal, a video installation. His work has been seen at theatres and festivals throughout the U.S. and Europe including, The Walker Arts Center, PuSH, Teatro Nacional D. Maria, Lisbon/Estoril Film Festival, Vooruit, Festival TransAmériques, Noorderzon Festival, The Chocolate Factory, The Public Theater’s Under The Radar, Opera Philadelphia/Curtis Opera Theater, American Repertory Theater, Richard B. Fisher Center at Bard College, Yale Repertory Theater, McCarter Theater, Signature Theater, The Shakespeare Theater Company, Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, Staatstheater Braunschweig, and The Royal Shakespeare Company. Residencies and commissions include The MacDowell Colony, Baryshnikov Arts Center, Mass MOCA, and LMCC/ Governor’s Island. In December 2022, he will première a new production of Leonard Bernstein’s Candide for Opera National de Lyon. He is graduate of Northwestern University’s Department of Performance Studies and has taught at The Juilliard School, Bard College, and The Department of Design for Stage and Film at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.  He is the recipient of the 2017 Herb Alpert Award in the Arts for the Theater.


Instagram: @Oklahoma.WestEnd

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Wyndham’s Theatre

Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0DA

Box Office: 0344 482 5151 / www.OklahomaWestEnd.com

Groups booking: 0344 482 5100

Access booking: 0344 482 5137

Tickets from £10


Credit: Johan Persson


“Big, blinding, breathtaking. Frozen’s triumphant musical debut”

The Guardian








“Frozen is one hot hit”

Daily Mail

Disney Theatrical Productions today announces that their critically acclaimed production of Frozen is extending until October 2023 due to public demand – having broken box office records at Theatre Royal Drury Lane across November, December and through Christmas. Public on-sale for the new dates is from 10am on Friday 20 January.

This latest extension for the blockbuster musical marks the 10th anniversary of the release of the much-loved award-winning film – Frozen was released in cinemas in 2013, winning multiple awards, including two Academy Awards® for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song (“Let It Go”), the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature Film and the BAFTA for Best Animated Film. Frozen 2, which debuted in November 2019 is the highest-grossing animated film of all time. 

With music and lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, book by Jennifer Lee, and directed by Michael Grandage, the production opened at Theatre Royal Drury Lane in August 2021, and has been playing to capacity houses since, receiving 7 WhatsOnStage Awards – the most of any production – and 4 Olivier Award nominations, including Best New Musical.

The company are Samantha Barks (Elsa), Emily Lane (Anna), Djavan van de Fliert (Kristoff), Craig Gallivan (Olaf), Oliver Ormson (Hans), Richard Frame (Duke of Weselton); and alternating the role of Sven, Mikayla Jade and Ashley Birchall; with Rhianne AlleyneJeremy BattMarianne BardgettRebecca BotterillChar Burnett (Bulda), Collette ColemanLaura Emmitt, Davide FienauriJemal FelixJordan FoxBen Irish (Pabbie), Aoife KennyJordan LiveseyMolly FrancisMatt Gillett, Isabella Glanznig SantosJustin-Lee Jones, Joshua RobinsonHarriet SamuelsJacqui Sanchez (Queen Iduna), Jak Skelly (Oaken/Bishop), Kerry Spark (King Agnarr), Caitlin TippingRodney VubyaAnna Woodside, and Luke Fraser Yates.


“Frozen is an awesome spectacle with more heart, depth and darkness than the film.”

Time Out

Frozen has scheduled the following access performances – Audio Described Performance (Wednesday 18 January, 7pm, and Sunday 30 July at 5.30pm), Signed Performance (Wednesday 25 January, 7pm, and Sunday 18 June, 5.30pm), Captioned Performance (Wednesday 8 February, 7pm, and Sunday 20 August at 5.30pm), and Relaxed Performance ((Sunday 3 September, 1pm).

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Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Catherine Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5JF

Tickets from £20

Group rates and education rates are available – please see the website


Wednesday – Friday                       7pm

Thursday                                            2pm

Saturday and Sunday                     1pm & 5.30pm

From 1 March:

Wednesday – Thursday                  2pm

Thursday – Friday                            7pm

Saturday and Sunday                     1pm & 5.30pm


Audio Described Performance    Wednesday 18 January, 7pm

                                                            Sunday 30 July, 5.30pm

Captioned Performance                Wednesday 8 February at 7pm

                                                            Sunday 20 August, 5.30pm

Signed Performance                       Wednesday 25 January, 7pm

                                                            Sunday 18 June, 5.30pm

Relaxed Performance                    Sunday 3 September, 1pm

The Phantom of the Opera Announces New Casting at Her Majesty’s Theatre









THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at Her Majesty’s Theatre today announces Jon Robyns as ‘The Phantom’ from Monday 3 April 2023, Holly-Anne Hull as ‘Christine Daae’ from Monday 23 January, having been the production’s alternate Christine Daaé since 2021, and Paige Blankson who joins the production as alternate ‘Christine Daaé’ from Monday 13 February, playing the role at certain performances.

From Monday 13 February to Saturday 1 April, Earl Carpenter will reprise his role as ‘The Phantom’.

The Phantom of the Opera is currently booking until Saturday 30 September 2023.  

They join Matt Blaker as Raoul and Kelly Glyptis as Carlotta, Matt Harrop as Monsieur Firmin, Adam Linstead as Monsieur André, Greg Castiglioni as Ubaldo Piangi, Francesca Ellis as Madame Giry and Ellie Young as Meg Giry.

The cast is completed by Hollie Aires, Connor Carson, Corina Clark, Michelle Cornelius, Edward Court, Lily De-La-Haye, Hywel Dowsell, Serina Faull, James Gant, Eilish Harmon-Beglan, Emma Harris, Yukina Hasebe, Thomas Holdsworth, Olivia Holland-Rose, Jacob Hughes, Grace Hume, James Hume, Tim Morgan, Michael Robert-Lowe, Eve Shanu-Wilson, Tim Southgate, Anouk Van Laake, Jasmine Wallis, Ralph Watts, Skye Weiss, Simon WhitakerLizzie Wofford and Andrew York.

Jon Robyns can currently be seen as Jean Valjean in Les Misérables, a role which he has played to great acclaim since the reopening of the new production at the stunning Sondheim Theatre following its total rebuild and restoration. In addition, he played Valjean in the Staged Concert, also at the Sondheim. He recently played King George in Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre. His other West End credits include Huey in Memphis, Adam Nehemiah in Dessa Rose, Galahad in Spamalot, Marius in Les Misérables and Princeton/Rod in Avenue Q. His other theatre credits include Robbie Hart in The Wedding Singer, Eddie Southern in Sister Act, Emmett Forrest in Legally Blonde, Caractacus Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Jamie in The Last Five Years and Mark Cohen in Rent. He has appeared in the BBC’s Holby City and the Working Title film, Nativity Rocks. He has also released two solo albums, titled Open Book and Musical Direction. Jon also performed at Sondheim’s Old Friends Gala, which was recently broadcast on the BBC over Christmas.

Holly-Anne Hull has played select performances as alternate Christine Daaé in The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre since the production reopened in July 2021, Holly also played the role of Christine in the UK & Ireland Tour of Phantom before it was cut short due to Covid. Her other theatre credits include Stephen Sondheim’s Old Friends Gala, Les Misérables, Loserville, Copacabana and Robin Hood. As part of her band, Remember Monday, she reached the quarter finals of The Voice UK.

Paige Blankson made her professional debut in 2021 as Cosette in the UK and Ireland tour of Les Misérables.

Earl Carpenter returns to The Phantom of the Opera having performed as The Phantom at Her Majesty’s Theatre and on tour. He is perhaps best known for his performance as Javert in Les Misérables and the Les Misérables 25th Anniversary Production. His most recent theatre credits include Prime Minister in the world premiere of Mandela at the Young Vic, Dubdhara in The Pirate Queen at the London Coliseum, the Bishop of Digne and Bamatabois in the 2019 Les Misérables The Staged Concert at the Gielgud and Sondheim Theatres, Lionel Solomon in The Dreamers, Maskew and Turnkey in Moonfleet at the Salisbury Playhouse and Father in the award winning production of Ragtime at the Charing Cross Theatre. His other musical theatre credits include We Will Rock You, Zorro, The Secret Garden, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is produced by Cameron Mackintosh and The Really Useful Group Ltd. Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lyrics by Charles Hart, and Additional Lyrics by Richard Stilgoe. Book by Richard Stilgoe and Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on the novel ‘Le Fantôme de l’Opera’ by Gaston Leroux, with Orchestrations by David Cullen and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Musical Supervision is by Simon Lee. The Production Design is by Maria Björnson and the Set Design is adapted by Matt Kinley with Associate Costume Design by Jill Parker, Lighting is by Andrew Bridge with Associate Lighting Design by Warren Letton, Sound is by Mick Potter. The Musical Staging and Choreography is by Gillian Lynne, recreated and adapted by Chrissie Cartwright. Originally Directed by Harold Prince, this production is Directed by Seth Sklar-Heyn.

Since opening in London in 1986, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA has played to over 145 million people in 183 cities in 17 languages. Over 36 years after opening in London’s West End, and 35 on Broadway, in 2023, the show will play in 15 countries, across 4 continents and in 7 languages.