Othello Remixed Review

Omnibus Theatre, Clapham – until 14th July

Reviewed by Keiley Archer


Directed by Darren Raymond, the Intermission Theatre Company presents a unique adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragedy, cleverly using the backdrop of a boxing ring for this classic tale of jealousy, hope and revenge. The small venue of the Omnibus Theatre allows for an intimate performance, adding to the already tense nature of the play.

Othello Remixed’ is an apt title for the performance, which seamlessly blends Shakespearean dialect with modern day street slang. This twist on Shakespeare’s classic tragedy exemplifies how issues surrounding race, gender and identity remain relevant in today’s society. It can be viewed as much as a reflection of a contemporary society as it could an Elizabethan one.

Modern day humour is effectively woven into the play amongst the growing tensions of Act 1, created by Iago (Baba Oyejide) and his jealousy fuelled lies towards Othello (Kwame Reed), which results in a suspense-filled second act, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats until the explosive finale, which created an audible gasp as the lights dimmed. Theatrical talent is noticeable throughout the entire cast, each member able to capture the audience’s attention from beginning to end.

Intermission’s production is to Shakespeare what Hamilton is to musicals. It is a performance I wish all school students could experience. It opens Shakespeare up to a new audience, while still holding the appeal for traditional Shakespeare viewers.

If I recommended this performance to every person I know, I still would not have recommended it enough. It is a genuine must-see.