On Your Feet Review

New Wimbledon Theatre – until 29 February 2020

Reviewed by Carly Burlinge


On your feet is written by Alexander Dinelaris and directed by Jerry Mitchell. The Story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan falling in love, singing through their journey together and their fight towards stardom. A passionate story about love, family and determination.

Gloria (Philippa Stefani) whose love is music, always breaking into song. It’s clear she’s destined to sing but is nervous, shy and struggles in the spotlight until she meets Emilio (George Ioannides).  He is very driven, motivated and gets crazy when it comes to talking about music, who later gets told he shouldn’t compete in the English market which then gives him more  determination to take them to the top and to let the people decide.

Their journey becomes more than packed, then with one twist of fate things change, making the family realise the importance of one another and the love and strength that they all share. The connection between these two, Gloria & Emilio on stage from the start to finish is just passionate, playful and  outstanding. Including some amazing songs such as Don’t Wanna Lose You Now sang by Emilio an emotional, memorable, satisfying song that had the audience gripped, what a voice. As well as Gloria singing Coming Out Of The Dark which was classy, beautiful and sang with so much affection, passion and empathy just an exquisite performance all round.

Gloria Fajardo (Madalena Alberto) who plays Gloria’s Mother comes across stern and disagrees  on many of her daughters choices as well as disapproving her choice of partner. She at times comes across jealous and judgmental.  But deep down she is proud of her daughter and finds it hard to show. She plays a very convincing part.

Gloria’s Grandma Consuelo (Hollie Cassar covering for Karen Mann)  is encouraging towards her, she’s full of character sees it as it is and keeps persuading her to do what makes her happy which is to sing. She’s over enthusiastic is a joy to watch and has the audience in laughter on many occasions.

The set was done amazingly well with tall shutters used for their home life which later changed into lighting for on stage concerts as well as tall billboards. Smaller  props were brought in for change of scenes, weather a kitchen or a bed all making it very effective. The lighting and sound was dramatic at times enhancing the show and giving great affect as well as some beautiful backgrounds and romantic scenes of fireworks.  
The costumes were  steamy, full of colour lots of sparkle and sequins giving an amazing Latino feel.

The whole show was upbeat with the whole cast showing amazing energy and great passion. Fantastic choreography as well as seeing a strong connection from all throughout. Just an all-round electrifying performance which had the audience singing along and joining in with a smile from ear to ear. This is an outstanding show and one that you wont want to miss out on!