Ogg ‘n’ Ugg ‘n’ Dogg Review

Brighton Fringe – 2 June 2019

Reviewed by Alex Sykes


Ogg n Ugg n Dogg tells the story of two hunter-gatherers and how they come to have the first pet dog.

The show, set in Yorkshire, starts with Ugg and Ogg, played by Jack Faires and Natasha Granger, introducing themselves and explaining that they are not cavemen but hunter-gatherers. Through the means of song the pair go on the hunt for food and find some grapes, a mushroom and a snake, which escapes by shedding its skin. The pair start a fire (cleverly made by using orange fairy lights) and realise that the wolves howl louder when they are cooking and eating meat. They decide to feed the left over meat and bones to the wolves and the wolves, Tooth and Nails, end up following them as they go on their adventures. On their journey the wolves have puppies meaning more mouths to feed. Disaster strikes when a wild fire appears and the group have to swim across the river to safety. Once they are living on the other side of the river Ogg and Ugg realise that one of the wolf puppies has rounder ears than the others and is a lot friendlier as well. Fast forward to modern times and a modern Ugg and Ogg have a small fluffy dog as a pet who likes to chase sticks.

Faires and Granger work well together and the story flows well. There are times when they could have included the audience more but overall it is very good and if you ever want to see a wolf beat box then this is the show for you. The sets are simple but effective and the costumes help set the scene as well. A must see for all the family.