New Arabic Oliver! production to star Syrian refugees

87496The first ever Arabic language adaptation of Oliver!, starring a cast comprised of Syrian refugees and under-privileged Jordanian children, will premiere next month.

The production, which will run at a local community centre in Amman in Jordan, has been spearheaded by journalist and filmmaker Charlotte Eager and William Sterling, of Refuge Drama Productions.

Producer and Oliver! rights-holder Cameron Mackintosh said: “I couldn’t imagine a better way of presenting the story of Oliver Twist’s contemporary relevance than this exciting and imaginative production performed by refugees and children who have had an even harder start to life than Oliver himself.”

The production’s director Khaled Abol Naga, who is a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, added: “We are aiming for an outcome that transforms the refugee and under-privileged children so they become a pride for society.”

Featuring a cast of 36 children, Oliver! opens on 1 September.