Miss Julie Review

The Studio, Edinburgh – until 9th March 2019

Reviewed by Siobhan Wilson


The Master of the House runs the local Mill. Currently the workers on strike and the Master is away negotiating with the Unions. The play is set in the kitchen of the manor. The 3 cast members play the Master’s daughter, the kitchen maid & the Master’s aid.

The story is of a scandalous love triangle. With emphasis on the forbidden love between the Master’s daughter and the Master’s favoured aid. This act is based on the book written by August Strindberg in the 1800’s. This adaptation by Zinnie Harris is based in Scotland in the 1920’s.

Lorn MacDonald as John left you feeling flabbergasted with his intensity and how easy he could convert between the two contrasting internal characters of this familiar role. In some of the raunchier scenes, you were left feeling like you should advert your eyes whilst simultaneously not being able to look away as the bubbling chemistry between Lorn and Hiftu Quasem as Miss Julie was palpable. Helen Mackay as Christina, her face is extremely expressive which is highly effective in portraying all the feelings that the jilted fiancé goes through whist maintaining her dignity.

The simple set design of the range, Belfast sink, a table with chairs left the floor open for the actors to take the centre stage whilst impeccably depicting the era in which the scene is set. The minimal yet effective score in line with the lighting techniques, only emphasised the crews acting ability.

I would highly recommend that you go see this play. You will not be disappointed.