Military WAGS Choir Review

Town Hall, Richmond – 16 July 2015

Its 5 years since the Military WAGS Choir was formed in Catterick Garrison.  With very few members still there from the beginning due to the transient nature of the forces, the choir is always changing and evolving.  Made up of Wives, Affiliates, Girlfriends and Serving Soldiers these are ordinary women with extraordinary voices.

With some outstanding harmonies and sharp vocals these are very talented women.  You felt every word they sang, particularly during a stunning arrangement of Coldplay’s Fix You. They sang as one voice.

We were treated to a flute solo during Annies Song by the very accomplished Hannah and a sublime solo of Gershwin’s Summertime by serving soldier Victoria.  There were some tears by both singers and audience during a beautiful rendition of Wherever You Go, the number one best selling song.

From the Beatles to Andrew Lloyd Webber, they sang with enthusiasm and flair.  The Rhythm of Life being particularly rhapsodic

With Gillian on the piano and conducted by Carol this was a masterly example of how singing for pleasure can be a pleasure for all