“Who likes to party?” Well if you do, I suggest you “Move It, Move It” down to ticket office and get yourself along to see this fabulous feel good show.

Very true to the movie, the Penguins are trying to escape the Zoo in New York to get back to Antarctica. Marty the Zebra gets swept up in the idea of visiting the wild. Alex the Lion, Gloria the Hippo and Melman the Giraffe try to stop Marty, they all end up sedated waking up in crates on a ship in the South Indian Ocean. The Penguins then take over the ship and the crates are thrown into the sea. The friends are then washed up on the shore of Madagascar where they encounter a whole new adventure with King Julian the Thirteenth and his subjects.

The first half was a little slower and towards the interval, the smaller children in the audience where starting to get a little restless so the interval was perfectly timed. Then the second half explodes into life getting the party started from the kick off and not stopping until the lights comes up. Including the encore with the whole audience on their feet having a boogie because “We like to move it move it”.

Posi Morakinyo (Marty) dancing skills brings Marty to life. Matt Terry (Alex) and Hannah Victoria (Gloria) have incredible voices which harmonise amazingly together. With Connor Dyer (Melman) managing to make Melman feel the same height as the others with his skillful handling of the giraffe extension. Kieran Mortell (King Julian the 13th) is a whole other level, he has all the mannerisms and humour that are in the movie, you can’t help but laugh and feel like you are right there in the Madagascan Island with him and his subjects. William Beckerleg (Skipper/Maurice) has the voices down to a fine art sounding exactly like they do in the movie. The score is just a great feel good soundtrack that will have to tapping, singing and dancing along.

This was just such a great show and I would highly recommend this. I’m booking tickets already to take my nephew. Whether you be a 6 year old child or a 60 year old child, there is no doubt you will love this show.