Little Women the Musical Review

Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester – until 16 December 2017.  Reviewed by Marcus Richardson


The European premiere of Little Woman took its place at the Hope Mill Theatre in Ancoats, Manchester.   The musical set in Concord and New York during 1869 follows the life of the March sisters, mostly Jo March who is aspiring to be a world renowned writer. The venue is something I must note, that feels like a beacon in the dark, gave me this quaint homely feel that fitted the production very well.

The show had a small but strong cast that features a good collection of performers who both can sing and act. The main character Jo played by Amie Giselle-Ward captured the adventurous and rebellious character so well with that sense of energy. We are given this whole imagery throughout the show which would make a beautiful painting and that’s how I can describe the production, very picturesque and calming to look at and experience.

The musical fits into an old timey feel with the setting of the 1860s mirrored in the songs and dances. You can see those classic musicals like Carousel and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers influenced in the performance. The songs did have something original about them though and didn’t seem replicated to other musicals.

Whilst I’m not overly a fan of musicals, I did enjoy going to watch this, however if you are a fan of classic musicals you will love it.