Leopards Review

Rose Theatre Kingston – until 25 September 2021

Reviewed by Carly Burlinge 


The weather outside is raining heavy and as the night progresses it only gets worse.  Niala (Saffron Coomber) sits in a private bar/hotel in London waiting to meet Ben (Martin Marquez) an ECO charity leader regarding advice on her career. As the night starts the pair seem to get on well with good conversation and lots of banter. Ben comes across very talkative and opinionated and well gestured.  Niala is also very chatty and confident, they soon both find common ground. Ben admires her persistence Niala likes to catch him out and as the night unfolds moments arise through flirtation and suggestive notions. With communication only getting more intense between the pair and secrets unravelling throughout. Will this meeting take them to places they want to reach or will the consequences of their actions leave them to exposed to ever go back. 

Saffron Coomber played an attractive strong and focussed part with passion ease and dominance. She manages to keep the audience transfixed throughout the show and does an exceptional portrayal of her character. 

Martin Marquez played a good part – combination of eco warrior and celebrity but realising he’s middle aged, enjoys the flattery of a younger women. He is trying to be pc on gender and sexual discrimination. Very believable character who played the part exceptionally.  

Together the chemistry was great they parried off each other very well offering gripping moments throughout keeping the audience at the edge of their seats. 

The staging was done especially well as a luxury bar later changing to a hotel with low- level mood lighting to set the scene. In the background the sound of rain pouring completing the appearance of bad weather outside. This was very well done with thunder occurring at times loud and shocking making the audience jump in their seats just amazing. 

This performance was defiantly outstanding to watch and not one to be missed.