Lady Macbeth and her pal Megan Review

Edinburgh Fringe Festival


C Venue 34 – until 31 August




It takes a special kind of person to stand on stage and carry a one woman show.  Even braver when the cast almost outnumber the audience.  But with Lady Macbeth and her pal Megan, Megan Gogerty interweaves the worst moments of her life with the life of Lady Macbeth.  A journey of discovery for her and the audience.

Married with two children, Gogerty find herself turning 40 and struggling with the with all that entails.  Working in a male centred profession as a  comedian, she struggled with being too young at first to do the job well, taking ten years out to marry, have a child and teach before she attempts comedy again.  

Through the course of the hour, we learn about her breakdown, struggles with alcohol and pretending to be 28 when she was 40 and almost having a fling with a not unattractive 24 year old – who ran off when she revealed her real age.

Intertwined with her life is her belief that she is Lady Macbeth, a misunderstood character from Shakespeare but as the monologue continues Gogerty discovers she is not Lady Macbeth but a witch, part of the coven, for there are 3 witches and there is strength in numbers.

There are some very funny bits in this but its more well crafted rambling than hilarity.  However this is the Fringe and there is always something for someone.  Its an hour – you may enjoy it