This year’s Panto stars Wendi Peters as Fairy Sugarsnap (famous for playing her role as the mouthy Cilla in Coronation Street), Damian Williams as Dame Trot returning for his 15th year at the Lyceum, playing Charlie we have Sheffield’s very own busking sensation Maxwell Thorpe who wowed everyone with his audition for Britains Got Talent and making it to the final, Marc Pickering as Luke Backinanger, Sam Turrell as Jack Trot, Joey Wilby as Billy and Sarah Freer as Jess.

The first Act took a little bit of time to get the audience warmed up but the use of a drone got the audience involved and showed Damian’s talent at unrehearsed jokes. There was a point where there was a man in the audience with a blue beard and he joked about him being Papa Smurf.

As usual with Panto’s there is always one person who seems to get picked on and in tonight’s performance ‘Chris’ took this all in good fun. When Waffle The Wonder Dog made an appearance the show seemed to step up a gear.

I thought the beanstalk growing on the stage was creative and added that extra dimension.

The best part for me was during the second half when Dame Trot was in the weather machine, this really made everyone laugh especially when there were a few mishaps that just added to the pantomime humour.

The villagers were all good dancers and the boys showed off some of their acrobatic skills. I would have liked to have seen some children playing villagers as well.

The gold star for enthusiasm had to go to James, the musical director who really did try to gee up the audience.

I particularly liked Sam Turrell and Joey Wilby throughout and thought they worked well together.

A few of the jokes were lost slightly on the audience but there were still plenty of laughs to be had. Everyone had fun and lets face it that’s what going to the Panto is all about. Well done the Lyceum for getting everyone into the festive spirit.