Isolation in the digital age in debut piece for new company at Theatre N16

Vantage Point present:

December 4th – December 8th 2016, Theatre N16

New theatre collective Vantage Point come to Theatre N16 with their daring debut show This Might Be It this December. In this exciting new devised piece, the company explore physical and emotional isolation in the digital age.

“It’s just something that’s thrown at you, and you can’t throw it back to anybody, you’ve got to just carry on.”

Everyone exists as a separate being. He cannot be her, and she cannot be him. Instant communication is at their fingertips, and the spaces they inhabit are densely overpopulated. They are closer to each other than ever before. So why do they feel more isolate than they’ve ever been?

Both Julie and Aidan are offered a way out – a way of freeing yourself from crippling social anxiety, a new method of communication… If you were given the opportunity to overcome your solitude, would you take it? Would you recognise it? Is it even worth trying?

Vantage Point Theatre is a collective of performers and artists from around the world, devising daring theatre about the wider picture. Collaborative curiosity is at the heart of the group. Everyone at Vantage Point has equal ownership over the work: they believe in a theatre that grapples with our collective experience of life.

The company have prior connections to Theatre N16, with both Gabrielle Lombardo and Matthew Coulton taking starring roles in Pigdog’s BOAT, which was the first major show at Theatre N16 when it moved to Balham. They are joined by fellow Royal Central School of Speech and Drama graduates Sundi Scott, Bart Suavek, and Emilio Iannucci. Using the skills they collectively gained during their time together at The RCSSD, they co-founded VPT in 2015 hoping to create compelling and relevant theatre that speaks to the times we live in. They are joined by stage manager Libbie Khabaza in her first production as producer.