Horror Film the Musical Review

Majestic Theatre, Darlington – 23rd to 25th August

Musical and Horror, two genres that already have quite a bit in common. Both tend to invest in stagy, big-time emotions and feature grandiose payoffs, but while musicals deliver vocal triumphs, horror dishes it out in blood and guts, arterial sprays and all that good stuff

Horror Film the Musical combines the two perfectly – a musical about a group of teens, a cabin in the woods, masked evils, guns and rednecks (think Jason, Freddy Kruger, The Hills have Eyes and Blair Witch) – what can go wrong?  It would seem everything!!!  Soon they are being possessed, one at a time, by evil forces.

With special splash zone seats – cascades of fake blood from punctured body parts spout into the first few rows of seats, this is a very “bloody” production – filled with comedy performances, amazing singing, fabulous frenzied choreography it makes for a totally fun filled show.

With a nod to lots of classic cult horror films from the 80’s the show takes the mickey out of everyone and everything.

Collectively directed by the whole cast they have managed to squeeze humour and current affairs into every scene.   A clever mixture of horror, pathos and humour that manifests its perversely dark side rather endearingly,  mocking its source

Megan and Matt Campbell, Dan Harrison, Faye Hall, Abbie Fairless, Stee Leahy, Mackenzie Swash and Dylan Murray all shine in their respective parts, even if they are disguised by make-up for the majority of the show.

Lights and sound by Luke Thomson and Tom Cullen help with the atmosphere of horror and evil

This is a wonderful show with the ability to grow into a cult classic.  Go and see it before it closes

Tickets available from http://www.majestic-tickets.co.uk/