hang review

Crucible Theatre, Sheffield – until 9th March 2019

Reviewed by Charleigh Christmas


An amazing play with spectacular build up and characterisation.

As I walked in I noticed the set was amazing straight away. Set in one room, with an unassuming fish swimming around in the corner, the set was perfect for the tone of the play.

It follows the story of a woman and two detectives, over the course of an hour on an important day.

The cast consisted of only three characters. One “Marianne Oldham”, Two played by “Sid Sagar and Three played by “Diveen Henry”. All three actors were superb. Diveen Henry brought the emotion, while Sid Sagar brought some much needed comic relief. I was particularly impressed with Marianne Oldham, who I think carried the show really well and drove the story forward. I left the theatre feeling like I’d connected well with the characters “One” and “Three”.

The play was a slow build, leading you through numerous twists and not revealing much of anything for a while, building up the tension. Although some people may find this slow going and certain aspects are drawn out, more than they needed to be, I think the style of this was perfect for such a play.

The ending of the play was ambiguous but perfect, leaving you with just enough knowledge to have you feeling satisfied.

The sound and lighting effects were brilliant. Once again being subtle enough to not over power, but leave a big impact. The sound was particularly effective, providing enough suspense to keep people on the edge of their seat.

I don’t want to reveal too much of the plays plot, as I feel it needs to be seen to appreciate the nuances, however I can really recommend going to see this play!