gosh! Review

Canal Café Theatre – until 17th May 2022

Reviewed by Heather Chalkley


Writers and producers, Kit Lloyd and Hamish Clayton have bravely attempted to mix it up, crossing genres of comedy and theatre in a unique one person show. They have achieved the difficult task of creating a comedy performance that touches on the vulnerability of every performer. The stories within a story within a story are thought provoking without being confusing – no mean feat.

Kit Lloyd (Joe Hayward) brings a physicality to the stage reminiscent of Lee Evans. You are in no doubt what he is feeling and portraying, using his facial expression and body to communicate. Joe (Kit Lloyd) is desperate to do well, experiencing the cringing and uncomfortable process of auditions, open mic nights and performance anxiety for his first proper show. Hamish (writer and producer) spills the story into Joe’s (Kit Lloyd) personal life, adding to the behind the scenes view of what it is to start out on the challenging journey into comedy, including still living with his Mum.

The set is a blank canvas that takes a lot of filling. With only a few props, simple lighting and a basic backing track, Kit is left to fill the room with his art. I am pleased to say he has no trouble managing it. The uncomfortable, thought provoking moments for the audience are palpable and Kit Lloyd’s equally uncomfortable moments in Joe’s story line, provokes much laughter.

As an experiment in crossing genres this is genius. I look forward to seeing much more from this dynamic duo!